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ISLA: International Summer Leadership Academy
Ph.D. and master's students sightseeing in China during the 2013 International Summer Leadership Academy.

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What is ISLA: International Summer Leadership Academy?

ISLA is an international travel educational experience organized for Master’s and Ph.D. students in the Higher Education Program. Each ISLA takes place in several countries and at several decision-making levels that combines knowledge acquisition and know-how training with intercultural immersion and exchange of best practices.

Upcoming Summer ISLA Opportunities:
  • 2015 European Summer Leadership Academy 
  • 2016 China Summer Leadership Academy 
Why ISLA? 
Increasing globalization, economic downturns, and market fluctuations have resulted in the increase in the numbers and relevance of community colleges and other higher education institutions and programs. The need for effective leadership in these institutions has never been greater, yet there are few training programs designed to prepare senior leaders. The International Summer Leadership Academy collaborates with institutions in Europe and China to provide a global perspective on topics relevant to higher education institutions today. Its pedagogical approach combines classroom-learning from experts in given areas with workshops, multi-cultural immersion, and interactive peer learning. The Academy is designed to enhance the professional growth of current administrators through exposure to European and Chinese higher education policymakers, institutional leaders, short-cycle higher education experts, and professional associations, as well as through seminars, workshops, case studies, and involvement in a global network of short-cycle higher education institutions.

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Ph.D. Students ISLA


 ISLA Highlights:

  • The UT Higher Education Program requires that all doctoral students participate in two summer leadership academies as part of their doctoral program.
  • Master's students are eligible to participate in these academies.
  • The Four-Year College and University Leadership Cohort will be participating in the European Summer Leadership Academy in the summer of 2015.



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