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HH Student Computing

Office: HH2400A

Phone: 419.530.5312

Hours: 9am-5pm / Monday - Friday

Student Computer Labs

CSJHS Open Computer Labs
Open computer labs are available to all students majoring in CSJHS programs. These labs include Mac and Windows PCs. In addition these labs provide access to Microsoft Office products, scanning, CD/DVD recording, and black/white and color printing.
Location: HH 1244
Hours: 8:30am - 10pm

Criminal Justice Lab
Computer lab open to students majoring in the Criminal Justice field. Lab computers have Microsoft Office products installed.
Location: HH 3003

Kinesiology Computer Labs
Computers labs that are available for all students majoring in the Kinesiology field. Each lab has the software Sigma Plot 11, Sigma Stat 3.5, A.D.A.M Interactive Anatomy v3, Physio 8, Hu-m-an, and Interactive Physiology. The HH 2501 Lab has Dartfish software installed, while the HH 2518 Lab has AD Instruments software installed. Labs 2518 and 2520 are exclusively used for Kinesiology classes and are not open for general use.
Locations: HH 2501, 2518, 2520

Recreational Therapy Lab
One computer lab is available for use by students in the Recreational Therapy major. It has the Touchdown Math, Banking Math, Coins, Discount Store, Drug Store, Grocery Store, Social Skills at Work, and Survival Signs software installed.
Location: HH 1007

Respiratory Care Lab
Computer lab is available to students in the Respiratory Care major. Includes a variety of medical software from C&S Solutions, Anesoft, Linsdey Jones Clinical Simulations and Lindsey Jones Simulations.
Location: HH 2308




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