UT Human Resources and Talent Development

HR Forms

Benefit Forms
(Health Insurance, Retirement, Early Retirement, Fee Waiver, etc.)

Employment Forms
(Background Check, Employment & Payroll Forms, PIQ's, Position Description Templates, etc)

FMLA/Leave Forms
(Employee and Family Member FMLA Applications and Certifications, etc)

Compensation Forms
(MC Pay Day Schedules, HSC Pay Day Schedules)

Labor and Employee Relations Forms
(CWA Evaluations, Disciplinary Action, Sick Leave Bank, etc)

Personnel Action Forms
(Main Campus SPA, UPA, ATH, Removal from Payroll, etc.)

Human Resources provides services for employees located on the Main Campus and the Health Science Campus. Due to the merger of The University of Toledo and the Medical University of Ohio, it is necessary to continue to maintain two sets of employment processes, benefit plans, etc. depending on where a person is employed or wishes to find employment. Most forms are campus specific.

Last Updated: 9/21/17