UToledo Human Resources

HR Announcements

Please see below to find the latest information regarding HR initiatives that are underway.

For questions or to request to be a part of the testing of an HR initiative, please email us. We can not guarantee selection to participate, but we encourage your feedback and interest in our process improvements. 

Updates for hr initiatives

Cornerstone and Banner ePAF

HR is excited for the upcoming implementation of our new systems for recruiting, onboarding, and personnel actions! Please visit our project site located here for the latest information, materials, and to sign up for training.

Cornerstone OnDemand

UToledo is transitioning to a new online hiring system, Cornerstone. This system is more intuitive and will help make the recruitment and hiring process more efficient.

Demo of Cornerstone OnDemand's Recruiting Module

Banner ePAF

The Banner ePAF initiative for staff actions will eliminate the current paper process and allow for ease of use for all departments that submit personnel actions. The originator will have the ability to track the status of the action once submitted. The Banner ePAF system ensures timely approvals and processing.  

Last Updated: 11/1/19