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Vehicle Rental

To obtain detailed information and contract number for Vehicle Rental click here.  

Please remember to immediately register your rental vehicle with Parking Services.  Failure to do so could result in parking fines. Visit the Guest Parking registration site.  If you have questions on guest parking permits, call the MyPIC office at 419.530.5842. 

Be sure to request that Enterprise contact you with the License Plate number in order to enter this information on to the Guest Parking registration site.

In addition to renting a vehicle, it is also necessary to comply with the Driver and Fleet Safety Policy.  This policy requires all drivers (employee, student, authorized visitors) of University owned, leased or rented vehicles to complete the Driver Record Application and return to the Risk Management Department as well as take Defensive Driving Training (for driver and van driver) and through the Health and Safety Department. 

*** For any vehicle rental other than through Enterprise, you are to thoroughly inspect and document any damage to the vehicle, no matter how minor it may seem, prior to leaving the lot.  This is to reduce the risk of the University being charged for damages which have occurred prior. ***

Please complete the Authorization for Release of Motor Vehicle Record Information, prior to rental.    


Make sure that all business rentals are renting under the appropriate Enterprise Contract Number (XZ38Y11) and Pin number UNI (so that liability and vehicle physical damage are covered by Enterprise) The Proof of Ownership and Proof of Financial Responsibility cards should be in the vehicle’s glove compartment (in case the driver is pulled over). If you fail to use the correct contract number you will not be covered for insurance.








Last Updated: 6/26/15