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UToledo Online staff provides individual and small group consultation sessions to faculty and teaching assistants regarding instructional design, multimedia design, accessibility support, and educational technology. To contact the ID responsible for online courses in your department, please view "who is my instructional designer?"

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Rachel Barnes
Michael Douglas
Robert Nix
Lei Song
Sylvia Suh
Mingli Xiao

Instructional designers hold office hours Monday through Thursday each semester. Faculty and teaching assistants for online and blended courses are welcome to stop by for an instructional design consultation or to schedule an appointment with them to discuss Quality Matters (QM) and best practices for online learning.

Instructional designers work collaboratively with faculty in the design and development of online and blended learning courses.  They also work with creative services staff and educational technologists in the development and delivery of courses to ensure best practices are seamlessly incorporated.

Instructional designers can meet with you to:

  • Craft a course development plan
  • Discuss learning objectives for online and blended learning courses
  • Recommend design choices - such as course structure, learning activities, assessment strategies, and orientation guidelines - which align with learning objectives
  • Recommend appropriate technologies that can enhance student learning
  • Provide guidance regarding copyright and accessibility issues
  • Discuss strategies for building and facilitating online community in your courses
  • Discuss strategies for promoting academic integrity online
  • Provide guidance regarding management of the online workload
  • Collaborate with multimedia designers in the creation of multimedia learning objects for optimal usability
  • Collaborate with educational technologists regarding the effective use of technology
  • Discuss course design evaluation results and Quality Matters standards for course revision
     I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Phoebe Ballard and Mingli Xiao for the past seven years. Both women have been in cooperation an inspiration, and a great source of knowledge for me . . . Last semester, I enrolled in the online certification course, which was taught by both women, the class was informative and very relevant to my needs . . . As a final note, I can only state, that their role in my teaching, which is reflected in my own teaching is therefore very important for the educational enrichment of my students and their educational goals. ~ Yolanda Mora-Calderon, M.Ed. Adjunct Professor of Spanish


Rachel Barnes, M.Ed.    
Instructional Designer and Coordinator for Quality Assurance
RH 1805 A

Designer for:
Business and Innovation
Health Science and Human Services: School of Population Health
University College

Office Hours:
Tuesday: 10 AM – 12 PM
Wednesday: 1 PM – 3 PM

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Michael Douglas, M.F.A.
Instructional Designer
RH 1805 C

Designer for: 
Arts and Letters: departments of art, communication, English language & literature, history, music, psychology, and theatre & film
Health and Human Services: School of Exercise and Rehabilitation Science
Natural Sciences and Mathematics: departments of biology, environmental sciences

Office Hours:
Tuesday: 10 AM – 12 PM
Thursday: 10 AM – 12 PM

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Lei Song, Ph.D.
Assistive Technology Specialist and Instructional Designer
RH 1805 E

Designer for: 
Arts and Letters: disability studies program, department of philosophy & religious studies
Health Science and Human Services: School of Social Justice
Honors College (The Jesup Scott)

Office Hours:
Tuesday: 1 PM – 3 PM
Friday: 10 AM - 12 PM

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Sylvia Suh, Ph.D.
Instructional Designer
RH 1805 F

Designer for: 
Arts and Letters: Africana studies program, departments of geography and planning, sociology & anthropology, and the women's and gender studies program
Health and Human Services — School of Intervention and Wellness
Natural Sciences and Mathematics: departments of chemistry, mathematics, and physics & astronomy
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Office Hours:
Monday: 10 AM -12 PM
Wednesday:  1 PM – 3 PM

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Mingli Xiao, Ph.D.
Assistant Director of Instructional Design and Development
RH 1805 B

Designer for:
Arts and Letters: American Language Institute, departments of economics, and world languages & cultures
Education (Judith Herb College of)

Office Hours:
Monday: 10 AM – 12 PM
Tuesday: 1 PM – 3 PM

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Last Updated: 2/17/21