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  Please direct questions to us at utdl@utoledo.edu or 866.886.5336. 

Spring 2016

Open registration began Nov 14, and the term began Jan 11; a few courses begin in March.

Spring 2016 Online Courses & Descriptions Here 

Online Spring 2016 Short List* 

*Introductory level spring online courses.


Summer 2016


Registration begins February 2, 2016, terms begin 5/18; 6/15; and 6/29.

Summer 2016 Online Courses & Descriptions Here  

Summer 16 Short List (introductory level online courses)


Fall 2015

Reference only, term ended December 18.

Find Online Courses & Descriptions Here  

Online Fall 15 Short List (introductory level fall online courses)



Online courses have technology requirements. Students are responsible for purchasing, installing and maintaining all computer hardware and software needed for their participation in online courses.

All students comply with the University's student code of conduct, academic dishonesty policy, and responsible use policy (for information technology).

Some courses have proctored testing requirements and students are responsible for any expenses incurred when using proctored testing.

Last Updated: 1/15/16