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A research poster is something that students may be asked to design and present at conferences, forums or symposiums. These posters are typically 36 x 48 inches and displayed on a large screen (TV, projector) or on a poster board. These can be designed in several applications available in the Carver Center including Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, etc. Below you will find a variety of resources to assist with your poster project. It is important to remember that a research poster is an advertisement into yourself and your research. A well designed poster will draw in people and allow you to network with others interested in your field.  

The Carver Center offers poster printing free of charge for members of the College of Education and currently has an HP DesignJet Z9+ 44” large format printer.  


Designing Conference Posters

This site offers tips on design and presentation of your research poster.

NYU Libraries: Create a Research Poster

This site has a basic overview of what makes a well designed poster, software to use, and poster examples.

Academia Stack Exchange

Forum post on poster creation best practices.

University of South Carolina - Good Poster Design

Templates and Resources

Free Research Poster Templates

Customizable templates in a variety of colors for research posters.

General Poster Templates

University of Toledo Graphics Standards Manual

This manual provides users with the information for proper use of the UT logo and other elements such as fonts and colors.

Poster Design and Layout

This manual gives examples of good font pairings, typefaces, color, etc.


Poster Example from Penn State University

Poster Examples from Dartmouth University

Last Updated: 7/17/19