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Virtual Lab Overview

The University of Toledo Virtual Lab environment allows students, faculty and staff to access a variety of licensed software at anytime from anywhere.  The Carver Center has several virtual labs for use by Judith Herb College of Education students. The  virtual labs are listed below with specialized software available to members of the JHCOE.

Carver General LabThis lab contains all software that can be found on Windows machines in the Carver Center, including Microsoft Office, Inspiration, SPSS 23, SMART Notebook, Inspiration, AMOS etc.  This lab is open for all JHCOE students, faculty and staff.

Carver NVIVO Lab - This lab has the NVIVO qualitative analysis software installed.  Currently, we have two seats available by request.  For more information please contact

Carver Atlas.ti Lab - This lab contains the Atlas.ti qualitative analysis software.  We currently have 10 seats available for use.  For more information please contact

Virtual Lab Installation Instructions




Last Updated: 7/17/19