Department of Educational Studies

Graduate Study in Foundations of Education


 Foundations of Education Graduate Degree programs include Doctoral and Masters programs in

  1. Research and Measurement
    • Educational Research and Measurement (FERM)
  2. Theory and Social Foundations
    • Educational Sociology (FEES)
    • Foundations of Education (FOED)
    • History of Education (FEHE)
    • Philosophy of Education (FEPE)
  3. Educational Psychology
    • Educational Psychology (FEEP)

The Program is concerned with the essential importance of foundational understanding for teachers and other professionals. This linking of theory and practice is often called praxis, a notion that the best teachers and researchers combine research or theory with action or practice. We endorse reflective practice and affirm that an understanding of social-cultural and psychological phenomena and knowledge of methods of research and assessment inform reflection. This knowledge enhances the interpretive, evaluative, and decision-making capacities of educators and other professionals.   

Program Hours (post-masters) 


Foundations Competency

6 hrs.

Research Tools

12 hrs.

Major Course Work

24 hrs.

Minor Course Work

9 hrs.


10 hrs. (Minimum)


61 hrs.



Last Updated: 10/4/19