Department of Educational Studies

Research, Projects, & PUBLICATIONS

Below are list of current research, projects, and publications. If you have any questions, please contact the specific faculty or student listed or the department at 419.530.2461. 


Dr. Kumar
Longitudinal Study of Pre-Service Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Diversity 


Dr. Kumar
Spencer Foundation Project: Creating Adaptive Culturally Diverse Learning Environments
Mindfulness and Motivation 


Dr. Feucht
Olafson, L. , Feucht, F. C., & Marchand, G. (in press). Using Visual Display Features of Qualitative Software to Enhance Qualitative Analyses. In M. McCruddden, D. Robinson & G. Schraw (Eds.). Learning through visual displays (pp. 389-415). Scottsdale, AZ: Information Age Publishing
Dr. Kovach
Pescara-Kovach, L. (accepted for publication). Parenting: The Frontline in Bullying Prevention. eHearsay Journal.

Drs. Kumar and Hamer
Kumar, R., & Hamer, L. (2013). Preservice teachers’ attitudes and beliefs toward student diversity and proposed instructional practices: A sequential designJournal of Teacher Education64 (2), 162-177.

Dr. Kumar
Kumar, R., & Alvarado, A. (2013). Teachers’ cultural and professional identities and student outcome. In J. Hattie & E. M. Anderman (Eds.) International guide to student achievement (pp. 250-253). New York: Routledge

Dr. Kumar with doctoral students Seay and Warnke
Kumar, R., Seay, N., Warnke, J., H. (2012). Risk and resilience in adolescents’ transnational school transitions: Academic motivation and psychological well-being. In S. Karabenick & T. Urdan (Eds.), Advances in Motivation and Achievement: Vol. 17.Emerald Group Publishing, Ltd.

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