Judith Herb College of Education



Career-based Intervention endorsement

The Endorsement in Career-based Intervention program gives licensed teachers the skills to work with at-risk students. Qualified individuals employed by a school district are eligible for admission to the CBI Program.

Early childhood generalist endorsement (grades 4-5)

The Endorsement in Early Childhood Generalist (grades 4-5) program is for educators already licensed in early childhood who also want to teach grades 4-5. Courses can be applied toward the Master’s of Education degree when taken at the 5000-level.



The Endorsement in Preschool Special Needs program is designed around the competencies identified by the Ohio Board of Regents/Department of Education. The online PSNE provides teachers with the foundational courses and field experiences necessary to work effectively and successfully with preschool aged children with disabilities in a variety of settings.


The Endorsement in Transition-to-Work (TTW) program is designed for teachers licensed as intervention specialists (special education) or vocational educators. The TTW endorsement leads to a qualification applicable to all former transition roles such as Work Study Coordinator, Vocational Special Education Coordinator (VOSE), Career Assessment Specialist, and Job Training Coordinators.

Last Updated: 8/18/20