Judith Herb College of Education



Career-based Intervention endorsement

The Endorsement in Career-based Intervention program gives licensed teachers the skills to work with at-risk students. Qualified individuals employed by a school district are eligible for admission to the CBI Program.

Early childhood generalist endorsement (grades 4-5)

The Endorsement in Early Childhood Generalist (grades 4-5) program is for educators already licensed in early childhood who also want to teach grades 4-5. Courses can be applied toward the Master’s of Education degree when taken at the 5000-level.

gifted intervention specialist education endorsement (grades k-12)

The Endorsement in Gifted Intervention Specialist program provides students with specific training in the nature and needs of Gifted, Talented and Creative (GTC) students.


The Endorsement in Preschool Special Needs program is designed around the competencies identified by the Ohio Board of Regents/Department of Education. The online PSNE provides teachers with the foundational courses and field experiences necessary to work effectively and successfully with preschool aged children with disabilities in a variety of settings.


The Endorsement in Transition-to-Work (TTW) program is designed for teachers licensed as intervention specialists (special education) or vocational educators. The TTW endorsement leads to a qualification applicable to all former transition roles such as Work Study Coordinator, Vocational Special Education Coordinator (VOSE), Career Assessment Specialist, and Job Training Coordinators.

Last Updated: 12/12/19