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For a paper copy please call 1-833-POH-SURV to leave mailing address information.  A paper copy along with a pre-paid return envelope will be mailed to you.


The purpose of this survey is learn more about how to support professionals in providing inclusive childcare for young children with disabilities. This is a research project, funded by the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council, conducted by Dr. Laurie Dinnebeil and Dr. William McInerney at the University of Toledo. You are invited to participate in this research project because you are involved in providing early childhood services.  The following online survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. We will not share your responses with anyone.  We do not collect identifying information such as your name or email address therefore your identity is anonymous.  This survey is voluntary so we greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete it. Thank you.



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Last Updated: 7/17/19