There is a clear and compelling need to ameliorate shortages of highly-qualified Early Childhood Special Educators who are prepared to meet the needs of young children with intensive needs through interdisciplinary teaming.  Project Prepare will accomplish this task by engaging early childhood special educators and a cadre of graduate students enrolled in the Related Services programs (OT, PT, SLP & School Psychology) in a 2-year, part-time online program of graduate study.  Through this program, scholars will have the opportunity to learn about effective teaming and collaboration strategies including problem-solving, conflict resolution, consultation/coaching and cultural competence. 



Scholars will enroll via one of the two following pathways:

1. Ohio's Preschool Special Needs Endorsement (PSNE) - Tuition support will be provided for all coursework, all courses completed online plus one internship

  • Instruction and intervention for young children with intensive needs
  • Appropriate assessment strategies for young children with intensive needs
  • Designing, implementing, and evaluating the learning environment for young children with intensive needs
  • Helping young children with intensive disabilities participate and engage in learning activities using assistive technology and/or alternative communication strategies as appropriate
  • Working collaboratively with other professionals
  • Working in partnership with families to meet the needs of young children with intensive disabilities.
  • Complete a 120-clock hour internship in a preschool classroom serving young children with intensive needs.

2.  Related Services Providers - Students in University of Toledo's Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, School Psychology, and Speech Language Pathology will receive tuition support for one human development course in their degree program. 

All Scholars will complete University of Toledo's Graduate Certificate in Teaming in Early Childhood (GCTEC)

(Tuition support will be provided for all coursework, seminars are completed online plus one internship Coursework completed online)

A 8-credit hour certificate program that prepares early childhood educators, early childhood/special educators and related services providers to work collaboratively with each other in order to help young children with disabilities meet their goals.  This certificate program reflects a competency-based approach to professional development.

  • Team Models and Community Networking (3-credit hour course)
  • 3 Seminars (1-credit hour course each)
  • Internship (2-credit hour course)


Last Updated: 8/19/20