Civil and Environmental Engineering

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The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers a range of opportunities for advanced study in areas related to societal infrastructure and safety. Programs of study and research at the M.S. and Ph.D. levels are ongoing in four main focus areas: environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, and transportation engineering. Within each focus area, students select from a variety of topics such as air pollution and industrial hygiene, domestic and industrial water supply, waste minimization, treatment and disposal, environmental geotechnology, geotechnical and foundation engineering, structural analysis and design, earthquake engineering and structural dynamics, intelligent transportation systems, traffic flow theory, pavement design and management.

Environmental Engineering

Areas of Interest: Environmental Microbiology and geochemistry, Environmental Sensing, Air Pollution and Risk Analysis

  • Ashok Kumar, P.E., Distinguished University Professor - PhD, University of Waterloo (1977)
  • Cyndee L.Gruden, P.E., Professor - PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder (2000)
  • Defne Apul, P.E., Professor - PhD, University of New Hampshire (2004)
  • Youngwoo Seo, E.I., Professor - PhD, University of Cincinnati (2008)
  • Dae-Wook Kang, Assistant Professor - Phd, University of Madison (2009)  

Infrastructure Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Areas of Interest: Soil Mechanics, Foundation Engineering, Environmental Geotechnics, Geosynthetics

  • Liangbo Hu, Associate Professor, Ph.D, Duke University( 2008)
  • Andrew G. Heydinger, P.E., Professor Emeritus - PhD, University of Houston (1982)
  • Brian W. Randolph, P.E., Professor Emeritus- PhD, The Ohio State University (1989)

Structural Engineering

Areas of Interest: Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Composites, Bridge Design, Blast Mitigation

  • Naser Mostaghel, P.E., Professor Emeritus - PhD, University of California-Berkley (1968)
  • Douglas K. Nims, P.E., Professor - PhD, University of California-Berkley (1991)
  • Azadeh Parvin, Professor - DSc, George Washington University (1994)
  • Mark A. Pickett, P.E., Professor Emeritus - PhD, University of Connecticut (1982)
  • Serhan Guner, P.Eng., Assistant Professor - PhD, University of Toronto (2008)

Transportation Engineering

Areas of Interest: Transportation Infrastructure, Systems and Materials, Infrastructure Management

  • Eddie Chou, P.E., Professor - PhD, Texas A&M University (1989)
  • Jiwan D. Gupta, P.E., Professor Emeritus - PhD, University of Waterloo (1978)
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