College of Engineering Career Development Center

Co-Op Requirements

Listed below are the requirements for a co-op experience: 

Summer Co-op:  12 weeks @ 40 hours per week
Spring & Fall Co-ops: 15 weeks @ 40 hours per week

Engineering work required:
Student completes a required on-line student evaluation.
Employer completes an on-line employer evaluation, available

Submit evaluations no later than one week before grades due (check academic calendar for date) 

CDC Policy: Previous Work Experience for Co-op Credit **


1)     Previous work experience can be counted for only one co-op credit.

2)     The work must have occurred within 2 years from the date of the request for approval.

3)     Direct from high school students are not eligible for prior work experience credit for co-op.

4)     Students and employers are required to complete evaluations based on the work experience.

5)     Job duties/descriptions will be reviewed by engineering faculty within the respective departments.

Verification of Work:

Students must submit the following information to their co-op director:

1)     Company website with text in English outlining products, services, customers, etc.

2)     Letter from the employer on company letterhead including:

  1. Job Title
  2. Job Duties/Responsibilities
  3. Location
  4. Dates of Employment
  5. Total number of Hours completed within designated time frame

3)     Email Address of the Student’s Direct Manager (must be an Engineer)

4)     Email Address of the Student’s Human Resource contact


Falsifying work experience for co-op credit is Academic Dishonesty  and will be treated as such in the College.

**Policy Effective March 1, 2019


Last Updated: 6/30/19