College of Engineering Career Development Center


Our program provides employers with qualified and highly motivated students ready to fill an engineering position upon graduation. By hiring a co-op student, the company can help reduce costs of training new employees since co-op students are generally paid below a starting professionals salary. By getting in on the ground floor with a student you can ensure you will have highly qualified employees upon graduation. Students hired through a co-op program are more likely to stay with that company upon graduation than a normal entry level employee.

We work with businesses to quickly find students to fill cooperative education positions. We provide on-campus interviewing to make selecting students easy. Each year we hold a spring and fall career expo to allow students, alumni, and employers the opportunity to meet. At these events graduating students and alumni will be in search of full-time employment, as well as engineering co-op students in search of co-op positions. Approximately 100 companies and serveral hundered students and alumni attend each of our career expos.

If you wish you may view an article from the UT Alumni Magazine which highlights our program and one of our co-op employers.

Last Updated: 6/30/19