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Delaney Carnes


Class of 2018


Des Plaines, Ill.



photo of Delaney
“I had planned to attend college in Illinois, but a friend persuaded me to visit Toledo — and I was hooked.”

Catching the vision

Delaney Carnes came to The University of Toledo from the suburbs of Chicago, never expecting she’d choose to attend school out of state — and certainly not in Ohio. But her visit to Toledo and the University changed everything. "It was the first time I'd felt like I could see myself somewhere – I could see myself on UToledo's campus," says Delaney.

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A caring campus in a caring community

Before Delaney's campus visit, her first impression of Toledo came from the Monroe Street Diner. "The food is great — but the people were amazing. They still know me by name," says Delaney. The campus tour that followed sealed her choice to apply to UToledo. "I'd already been on a few campus tours, but the thing that made UToledo stand out was the passion of the tour guides," she recalled. "It was the Honors College, though, that inspired me to apply. The idea of an extra community within a community was very appealing."

"The University of Toledo is built on community. In every experience I've had here, I've felt that sense of community and home,” she added. “People here have a positive outlook on life. Everywhere you go, you can find someone like you who can help you through things.”

Delaney and other members of the marching band

Delaney was also involved with the Rocket Marching Band, allowing her the opportunity to perform at a NFL game in Indianapolis, a Chicago White Sox game and every bowl game. "Those were unforgettable experiences," she said. “I met so many different people through band, some of whom I know will be in my life forever.”

Delaney's community engagement also went beyond campus organizations. "I got involved with a local school production of The Lion King through an externship in the UToledo psychology department – it ended up being one of my best college experiences," she says. "The things I’ve done here in Toledo are experiences I wouldn't have had somewhere else!"

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Last Updated: 6/30/19