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Eanas Abutaha


Class of 2020


Toledo, Ohio



photo of Eanas
“My freshman year, I made a difference halfway around the world — using only a toothbrush.”

Pursuing potential

Sophomore biology major Eanas Abutaha learned about the Jesup Scott Honors College midway through her freshman year, and already it’s made a tremendous impact on her academic career. “The Honors College puts you in an environment with highly skilled individuals,” she says. “These students all want to do more than just pass their courses. You’re in a room full of talented, motivated people to encourage you.”

Honors College Welcomes
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3.5 or Higher GPA 25 ACT or 1210 SAT

Fulfilling a personal goal — and a mission

The Honors College is an atmosphere where motivation is rewarded with a wealth of fulfilling experiences. For Eanas, that meant building her résumé through research opportunities. As part of the First Year Summer Research Experience program, which funds undergraduates to conduct research with faculty mentors, she was able to collaborate with a lab tech and a grad student to learn procedures and techniques.

“I was looking for research opportunities related to oral health and dentistry — part of my goal of becoming a dentist,” she says. “I have been able to perform research alongside Dr. Heather Conti, who is investigating gene expression in the oral side effects of cancer radiation treatments in the head and neck.”

The Honors College also emphasizes a well-rounded college experience. “One of the most amazing experiences I had was our medical mission trip to Nicaragua,” Eanas says. “It opened my eyes to the harsh realities of living in a country with no access to basic health care. Some of the kids I met on the mission didn’t even know what a toothbrush was! Despite the language barrier, they showed kindness and tenacity could get any message across.”

For students like Eanas, those driven to achieve and pursue exciting new endeavors, the Honors College offers endless possibilities. Discover more about the Honors College, and how the empowering environment can support your academic growth and success.

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Photo of Eanas
Last Updated: 6/30/19