Grounds Services

  • Turf - Mowing, edging, leaf removal, fertilization, insect/disease control, irrigation, maintaining various irrigation systems, over-seeing, intramural, and athletic fields
  • Flower Beds - Clean-up, mulching, edging, weeding, watering, fertilization, planting, and insect/disease control
  • Pruning - All native and ornamental trees, shrubs and ground covers.  Duty performed both to remove dead or damaged branches and to retain shape
  • Sanitation - Trash cans, ground trash, street sweeping, and campus clean-up
  • Snow Removal - Remove snow or ice from roads, walks, and parking areas
  • Exterior Maintenance - Clean sculptures, inspect campus for hazards, wash hard surfaces, repair bricks, paint, and clean tables
  • Special Events - 5-K run, tree dedications, plaques, community projects, orientation, graduation, Art in the Mall, student events, and sports events
  • Parking & Road Maintenance - Responsible for  cleaning debris and snow, as well as patching, striping, and repairing drainage systems and signage for 50 parking lots, two parking structures, and roadways

Last Updated: 11/4/22