Facilities and Construction



Root Bridge Project

The Root Bridge will be closed for replacement starting on March 7th and will remain closed through August 12th.  Prior to the closure there will be signage installed redirecting both pedestrian and vehicle traffic to alternate routes.  Parking areas 5,6, 10 & 11 will remain open for use  The Toledo police and fire departments have been notified of this closure and will keep their staff informed.

Utility Truss Bridge Project

The utility portion of the Root Bridge project will be starting early next week.  This portion of the project consists of constructing a utility bridge across the river to carry utilities from the North side of the river to the South.  This work will not affect traffic/pedestrian flow over the existing Root Bridge or access to the North entrance to lot 10.  To provide room for the contractors materials and crane, the most Northern 15 parking spaces will be closed to staff and students.  The contractor will be barricading this area off later tonight 1/21/2016, for the crane delivery tomorrow 1/22/2016.  This area will remain closed until March 18th.


The University of Toledo is in the process of upgrading Building Automation System panels that control building's heating, cooling and lighting.  This project will provide reliable temperature control with automated building scheduling, improve indoor air quality, improve student comfort, and result in further reductions in energy consumption/costs.

Electrical contractors and vendors will be working mainly in mechanical rooms during the 1st shift. All efforts will be made to work around the normal activities of the buildings and to keep any noise to a minimum during work hours.

Thank you for your patience during this project.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sandrine Mubenga, PE, MSEE at 419-530-1422
Last Updated: 6/9/16