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Championing Inclusion

Creating a More Equitable World Through Awareness and Education

Diversity is a core value at The University of Toledo and our faculty support our commitment to equity and inclusion through their work to explore bias in their disciplines, expose systemic injustices and advance more inclusive practices.

The first openly trans female to compete in the Olympics put the issue of transgender inclusion in sports in the spotlight, as Jami Taylor, Ph.D., professor of political science and public administration, told the Associated Press. An expert on LGBTQ policies, Taylor notes there are now more inclusive policies in employment discrimination but equality lags in sports inclusion and medical access.

Jami Taylor, Ph.D., teaching in a classroom

Revathy Kumar, Ph.D., professor of educational psychology, identified in her latest research the importance for teachers to be personally motivated to be unprejudiced and not just to appear to be unbiased in order to implement culturally affirming classroom practices.

Revathy Kumar, Ph.D.

Research by Margaret Hopkins, Ph.D., professor of management, exposed stereotypes of women business leaders reflected in performance evaluations, which contributes to the slow rate of career advancement for women.

Margaret Hopkins, Ph.D.

In response to political conversations on critical race theory, sociologist Monita Mungo, Ph.D., explained in The Hill how she confronts the issue of racism by showing through research how racism affects the choices and chances of individuals, and by sharing the complete history of racism.

Monita Mungo, Ph.D., teaching in a classroom

Healthcare is a basic human right, but not everyone has access to the same level of care. Shipra Singh, Ph.D., associate professor of health education and public health, is leading a new Health Equity Research Center that aims to address health disparities due to social, physical and environmental determinants of health.

Shipra Singh, Ph.D. Shipra Singh, Ph.D.

In her first book of poetry, published at a time when Asian Americans have been targets of violence across the U.S., Joey Kim, Ph.D., assistant professor of English language and literature, explores Korean history, the feminine body, U.S. foreign policy and coming-of-age in Midwestern America.

Joey Kim, Ph.D.

Ben Davis, J.D., recently retired College of Law professor, argues in The Jurist that changing our mindset to think in terms of those who benefit from discrimination helps us better understand the impact of oppression.

Ben Davis, J.D.

Rebecca Monteleone, Ph.D., assistant professor of disability studies, explains to the Wall Street Journal how she worked with news publisher ProPublica to create its first plain-language translation of a story to make it accessible for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Rebecca Monteleone, Ph.D. Rebecca Monteleone, Ph.D.

Employment and disability law scholar Nicole Porter, J.D., professor of law, describes in The Hill the impact of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s resignation on the #MeToo movement and the difficult legal hurdles that face women who report sexual harassment.

Nicole Porter, J.D.

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