College of Health Sciences

Acceptance into the ATP

The ATP at the University of Toledo is a selective admission program.  In order to apply to the professional phase of the ATP, a student must complete the following prerequisites: 

          KINE 1110 (Introduction to Athletic Training) with a minimum grade of C+

          KINE 1650 (Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries) with a minimum grade of C+

          KINE 1660 (Athletic Taping and Bracing Techniqes) with a minimum grade of B-

          KINE 2510 (Human Anatomy) with a minimum grade of C+

          KINE 2520 (Human Anatomy Lab) with a minimum grade of B-

          HEAL 1500 (First Aid) with a minimum grade of C+ 

In addition, the student must have a minimum accumulative GPA of 2.500 and a minimum GPA of 2.500 in prerequisite courses.  Failure to complete observation hours as part of KINE 1110 and KINE 1650 will disqualify any student from applying to the ATP.

 Application Process:

Application should be submitted to the Program Director during April of the spring semester.  The Program Director along with the Application Committee with review applications and select students will be asked to submit a personal statement and complete a formal interview as the final step of the application process.

 Review of Applications:

A student’s application is reviewed and scores are given based on the following:

           Cumulative GPA x 6.25 = 25 points possible

          AT Prerequisite GPA x 6.25 = 25 points possible

          Clinical Observation Evaluations (KINE 1110 and KINE 1650) – averaged and converted to a 20 point scale

          Clinical Observation Hours = 10 points possible

          Personal Statement and Interview = 20 points possible

 Students are ranked based on total score (100 points possible) however the score is a guide and students are accepted into the professional program based on space available, ability to succeed in the professional program and desire to practice as an athletic trainer upon graduation.  


Last Updated: 6/9/16