Speech-Language Pathology Program

Early Decision for Admission - Graduate Program

A select number of highly qualified University of Toledo undergraduate students will be offered conditional admission to the Graduate Program in Speech-Language Pathology in the spring semester of their junior year.


Undergraduate students enrolled in the Speech-Language Pathology Program at the University of Toledo can apply for early admission to the graduate program.  While there are certain criteria for early admission, not all students who apply have an automatic admission.  Students who are not selected in this process are encouraged to apply through the regular admission process.

Criteria for Early Decision:

  • Undergraduate junior status.
  • Completion of prerequisite courses in natural science (biology), physical science (physics or chemistry), college level statistics, behavioral sciences (sociology and psychology), and English with a grade of B or better.
  • 3.7 or greater cumulative grade point average and grade point in the major based upon all coursework up to and including the fall semester of the junior year.
  • Three letters of recommendation (at least two letters of recommendation from a University of Toledo faculty member; one letter of recommendation may be from a community member, but who is not a relative to the applicant).
  • Completed GRE (Scores should be at or near the 40th percentile and writing score should be a 4 or higher).


  1. Students who meet the above qualifications can submit all materials, including letters of recommendation,
    in one email, to the Program Director at caroline.menezes@utoledo.edu.

  2. Materials to be submitted:
  • Statement of Purpose essay
  • Three letters of recommendation (two from UT faculty; one may be from community)
  • GRE Scores
  • Transcripts (unofficial are acceptable)

3. Materials must be submitted by March 1st.  Students will be notified by April 1st.

4. Students accepted for conditional early admission will be directed to complete a supplemental application
    through the University of Toledo College of Graduate Studies in their junior year.

Last Updated: 2/25/20