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Welcome to Academic Computing


            To provide the highest quality of service to the Academic and Research departments of the University of Toledo through solutions development and software applications.

Research Applications Team

            The University of Toledo has a long history in the research community.  Projects range from the realms of energy and polymer production to drug testing and human trials.  The Research Application Team is tasked with supporting the administration of this broad reaching and important area of University success. The Research Application team supports a diversity of applications that tie into the administration of research as well as the actual research being done across all campuses.  Our primary customers are the Research and Sponsored Programs office members who administer the day to day operations of all research.  We also work closely with the Internal Review Board (IRB) and Department for Human Research Protection (DHRP), the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), the Office of Research Development, the Center for Clinical Research, and Grants Accounting.  

Academic Applications Team 

            The Academic Applications Team develops custom application solutions for the University.  The team meets with administrative staff on a regular basis to automate processes, assists with getting data from and to outside agencies, and helps with integrating systems both internal and external.  This team also focuses on improving the student experience within the University, with emphasis on the Health Science Campus. Primarily working with various faculty and student councils, the Academic Application Team develops web applications to handle the special requirements of their education needs.



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