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HIPAA Training Options

Why do I need to have this training?
HIPAA security training is federally mandated. This training focuses on the security of electronic patient information. Security breeches are a serious offense and can not only cost the institution large amounts of money, but it can also damage our reputation. Most of all we owe it to our patients so they remain confident in our ability to keep their information safe and secure.

How is this different from the privacy training in which I participated?
Previous training focused on privacy only. This training focuses on specifications for protecting electronic patient information (e-phi) and ensuring the integrity of the data so that it is accurate.

How do I take the training?
There are three ways in which you can take the training. Choose the one that is most convenient for you:

  • Video Training Session / Video Tape for special meeting
  • If you would like a presenter to come to your department for special training or supervisor to use the video in a department meeting, contact Lynn Hutt , 419.383.3920. This type of training is reserved for groups of employees that have limited involvement with patient information.
  • Online Training
  • You can fulfill your HIPPA security training requirements online at HCCS Compliance Training (
  • Contact Lynn Hutt, 419.383.3920, to learn which level of training your job requires and to recieve a unique user I.D. and password.
  • If you completed your HCCS Web training after August 15, 2003, then you should have already received information covering the security regulations and do not need further training.
  • Several computers are available in the Computer Learning Resource Center (CLRC) on the Health Science Campus for those who need a computer with Internet access. The CLRC is a computer laboratory and training facility located on 6th floor of the Mulford Library.

For additional questions regarding compliance training, please contact:

Robert Phillips
Interim Information Security Officer
Information Technology

Lynn Hutt
Privacy Officer
Privacy Office

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