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On Campus Resident Hall Students The University of Toledo offers living arrangements for all types of students. With eleven unique Residence Halls and McComas Village on the Main Campus. For more information about housing visit the Office of Residence Life.

Student Telephone Usage - Basic telephone service is provided to all students residing in residence halls upon their request.  Students may request campus telephone system service only for the room in which they reside. Information Technology will provide unlimited local telephone service to all students residing in residence halls upon request. There is no charge to the student for this service. Students using university-provided telephone service will need to use a long distance provider calling card. Students will need to obtain such card/service on their own. Students will be able to make toll free calls to connect with calling card long distance services. See Policy at

Students will need to contact the IT Help Desk to request telephone service in their room. Visit or call 2400.

**Students will need to provide their own telephone**

Commuter Students live at home or arrange their own housing either in apartments of rental houses near campus. For more information visit Commuter and Off-Campus Services.


Last Updated: 6/26/15