Voicemail guidelines
Guidelines for Managers
  • Review the use of voice mail with your department members to confirm that they are using it effectively and meeting local guidelines for answering calls.
  • Let Telephone Services know whenever there is a change in a voice mailbox subscriber. To report call x2400 which is the IT Help Desk.
  • Make sure that callers to critical lines, main department numbers, and customer service lines have an "opportunity to get out of voicemail" option to reach an individual during normal business hours. For example, check that any voice mailbox using the programmable "personal operator number" feature (where the caller presses "0" to be transferred to a department phone) links the "0" to live assistance — a number answered by a staff member or set up for group pickup.
  • Review how mailboxes in your department serve your callers. For example, if your callers ask frequent questions, such as directions to your building, consider using an Auto Attendant application with prerecorded messages. 
Guidelines for subscribers
  • Record a personal greeting. Greetings should be customized and updated routinely — daily if warranted. As personal greetings influence the caller's impression of the University of Toledo and your department, they should be helpful, answering the caller's expectations about when calls will be returned.
  • Check for messages regularly throughout the business day and reply promptly.
  • Record an extended absence greeting any time you will be gone longer than one workday, referring callers to options of leaving a message in your mailbox, or with some other person or mailbox within your department.
  • Be aware of privacy concerns: use discretion when listening to voice messages over speakerphones or as email messages sent as audio files on a device. Also use caution when leaving a message, as some information is best conveyed only in a live conversation.
  • When calling any telephone answered by voicemail, leave a clear, detailed message stating the purpose of the call and response needs, so that the voice mailbox owner can return your call prepared with adequate information.

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Last Updated: 9/22/17