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What is the 3+3 Program?

The 3+3 Program is an innovative collaboration between the College of LLSS and the College of Law that allows students to earn both a bachelor of arts degree and a law degree in just six years instead of the usual seven.

How do i enroll?

You can decide to pursue the 3+3 program at any point during your undergraduate study, but it’s best to discuss your intention as early as possible with your undergraduate adviser to ensure completion of any required courses for your major. You then apply to Toledo Law in your junior year. 

How does the 3+3 Program work?

In order to participate in the 3+3 Program, you must fulfill your general education and major requirements by the end of your third year of college. You will postpone the 18 hours of related fields requirement and 12 hours of electives until your senior year. During your senior year, you will attend The University of Toledo College of Law and take the following courses. When you have completed all of the following first year law courses, you will be awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of LLSS. You will receive your law degree after completing the entire law program.

Contracts I (3 credits) Contracts II (3 credits)
Civil Procedure I (3 credits) Constitutional Law I (3 credits)
Property I (3 credits) Property II (3 credits)
Torts (4 credits) Criminal Law (4 credits)
Lawyering Skills I (2 credits) Lawyering Skills II (2 credits)

The Program Year by year 

Year #1: Fill out the statement of intent and meet with a professional adviser.

Year #2: Meet with your faculty adviser to make sure you are fulfilling your major requirements.

Year #3: Take the LSAT, apply to The University of Toledo College of Law, and seek certification by the College of LLSS for degree readiness.

Year #4: Attend The University of Toledo College of Law, earn passing grades, and graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in your chosen major from the College of LLSS.

Years #5 and #6: Complete law school and graduate with a law degree.

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