Beauty consists especially in the rounded limb and graceful curve. Women who are sickly by nature, should have recourse to medical advice, and though it may take time, they may be cured. But, as regards women who are born thin, and have a good stomach, we do not see any reason why they should not be fattened like fowls. Every thin woman wishes to be stouter. This is a wish we heard expressed a thousand times.




Eat a quantity of fresh bread - the same day's baking - and do not throw away the crumb.

Before eight A.M., when in bed, take a good cup of coffee or chocolate.

Breakfast at eleven. Fresh eggs, boiled or poached, cutlets, or anything else; but eggs are essential. A cup of coffee will not hurt .

After breakfast take a little exercise. Go shopping or call on a friend, sit and chat, and walk home again.

Atdinner, eat as much soup, meat, and fish as you like, but do not omit to eat rice with the fowl, macaroni, sweet pastry, creams, etc.

Atdessert, savory biscuits, and farinaceous preparations which contain eggs and sugar.

This diet may seem limited, but it is capable of great variation, and comprises the whole animal kingdom.

Drink beer by preference; otherwise, Bordeaux or wine from the south of France. Avoid acids, except salads, which gladden the heart. Eat sugar with your fruit, if it admits of it.

Donot take baths too cold; breathe the fresh air of the country as often as you can; eat plenty of grapes when in season; do not fatigue yourself.

Goto bed at eleven o'clock; on extra nights be in bed by one.

Ifthis system is boldly and exactly adhered to, the failings of nature will soon be supplied; health and beauty will be the result.

Last Updated: 7/1/19