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Rare books from the Ward M. Canaday Center for Special Collections

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Aladdin Home Catalogs (Catalog No. 29). Bay City, MI: The Aladdin Company, 1917. [Find it at UT Libraries]

Aladdin Home Catalogs (Catalog No. 32). Bay City, MI: The Aladdin Company, 1919. [Find it at UT Libraries]

Radford Architectural Books. Chicago, IL: Radford Architectural Company, 1902-1909. [inquire at the Canaday Center]

Radford Architectural Company. The Radford Ideal Homes: 100 House Plans. (Chicago, IL: Radford Architectural Company, 1902-1909). [Find it at UT Libraries]

William A. Radford. Cement Houses and How to Build Them: Illustrated Details of Construction, Standard Specifications... (Chicago, Ill.: Radford Architectural Co., c1909) [Find it at UT Libraries]