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The Exon-Intron Database

Shepelev V., Fedorov A. Advances in the Exon-Intron Database. Briefings in Bioinformatics 2006, 7: 178-185. 


New Releases

Species Name EID    
Human, build 37.1 hs37p1.EID.tar.gz    
Mouse, build 37.1 mm37p1.EID.tar.gz    
Cow, build 3.1 Bt3p1.EID.tar.gz  
Human, build 36.1 hs36p1.EID.tar.gz     
Mouse, build 36.1 mm36p1.EID.tar.gz    
Rat, build 4 rn4p1.EID.tar.gz    
Sea Urchin Spur2p1.EID.tar.gz    


Release of Exon-Intron Database, September 2005
Species name EID                               


Human (GenBank 35.1) hs35p1.EID.tar.gz


Mouse (GenBank 34.1) mm34p1.EID.tar.gz  mm34p1.UID.tar.gz   mm34p1.ILD.tar.gz  
Rat (GenBank 3.1) rn3p1.EID.tar.gz   rn3p1.UID.tar.gz   rn3p1.ILD.tar.gz   
Dog (GenBank 2.1) cfa2p1.EID.tar.gz   cfa2p1.UID.tar.gz   cfa2p1.ILD.tar.gz  
Chicken (GenBank 1.1) gga1p1.EID.tar.gz   gga1p1.UID.tar.gz   gga1p1.ILD.tar.gz  
Danio rerio (release Zv4) drzv4.EID.tar.gz   drzv4.UID.tar.gz   drzv4.ILD.tar.gz  
C. elegans (GenBank 2003) ce2003.EID.tar.gz   ce2003.UID.tar.gz   ce2003.ILD.tar.gz  
D. melanogaster (4.1) dm4p1.EID.tar.gz   dm4p1.UID.tar.gz   dm4p1.ILD.tar.gz  
A. thaliana (2004) at2004.EID.tar.gz   at2004.UID.tar.gz   at2004.ILD.tar.gz  
gb149 (original EID) gb149.EID.tar.gz
MOID release 2

September 2005


Instructions README_Sept05  










MOID 3.0 (July 2010,


Please cite the reference at the top of this page (Shepelev and Fedorov) when using the Exon-Intron Database in your research.

README  - Explanations about new releases of Exon-Intron Database (EID)   - This program searches for conserved structures characteristic for C/D box snoRNA   - This program searches for the targets of snoRNA antisense elements among all mRNA sequences of human, mouse and rat - This program scans the entire set of human introns searching for stem-loop hairpin structures with perfect stems spanning at least 21 nucleotides and with short 0 to 80 nucleotides loops. - The latest version of


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