Events and Seminars

2020 webinars

Wednesday, April 1
Department of Neurosciences Webinar, presented by Dr. Robert McCullumsmith, Professor and Chair
"So you want to try Bioinformatics: A primer for laboratory scientists on how to get started using bioinformatics tools"
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Friday, April 3
Department of Neurosciences Webinar, presented by Hunter Eby, Research GA
"From the lab to the couch, the tools and techniques to manage your team remotely"


2020 Seminars
Tuesday, February 18 
Dr. Sidharth Mahapatra, Assistant Professor 
University of Nebraska Medical Center
"Medulloblastoma, Past misconceptions, Present challenges & Future promise"

2019 Seminars

Monday, November 4
Dr. Gordon Meares, Assistant Professor
West Virginia University
"Cell stress pathways in the regulation of Neuroinflammation"

Monday, November 18
Dr. Zhexing Wen, Assistant Professor
Emory University School of Medicine
"Modeling Neuropsychiatric disorders with human induced Pluripotent stem cells"

Monday, November 25
Dr. Christine Konradi, Professor of Pharmacology and Psychiatry
Vanderbilt Kennedy Center
"Hippocampal interneurons and energy metabolism: a link to psychotic disorders"


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