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Undergraduate Programs

Peer Mentor Program

Each year the Department teaches several First Year Information (FYI) courses for incoming freshman biology and pre-professional (pre-medical, pre-veterinary, and pre-dental) majors. Juniors and seniors can be invited to work with a specific faculty member as their peer mentor for a given FYI class. These students help the class instructor to provide useful information about college life in general and being a biology major in particular. Peer mentors receive a stipend of $150 for 16 hours of class time. Please contact the department chair (Dr. Douglas Leaman) if you are interested in being an FYI peer mentor.

2011 Peer Mentors
L>R: Vanessa Gantz, Tyler Williams, Sydni Coleman, Jaclyn Leonhardt, and Amanda Kitson.

Past Peer Mentors

 ** Recipient of Outstanding Peer Mentor of the Year Award


Robert Fischbach
Isaac Perry
Adelle Aubourrage
Kaya Smith**
Yasmeen Awada
Robert Rominski

Sydni Coleman**
Vanessa Gantz
Jaclyn Leonhardt
Amanda Kitson
Tyler Williams
Ibtissam Gad
Dan Hettel
Sally Itawi
Lauren Wackerman
April Brockman
Andrew Niedmann
Diana Suen
Lauren Ciolkevich
Leah Palladino
Laura Halpin
Amal Dudar**
Melissa Crites
Kelly Hines**

Danielle Hayden
Alison Fedyna**
Michele Phillips
Jennifer Belsky
Tiffany Boos
Samueal Adams
Stacy Snyder
Amanda Stewart
Brittany Brinley
Aileen Searles
Shanza Khan

Stephanie Charles
Hallie Baucher
Katie Halter**
Ryann Coffman
Saja Khuder
Julie Sizemore
Eric Savory
Stephanie Coomes
Amal Dudar**
Niki Dominiak
Bobby Hieronimus
Randy Swade
Ali Hussain
Ed Briercheck
Patrick Clements
Charles Furrey
Jennifer Quinlan
Danielle Valetta

Morgan Sammons
Rachael Mintz
Heather Heitcamp
Brian Behrle 

Jessica Falk
Heather Heitcamp
Joel Davidson
Shannon Schwartz

Lyndsey Emery
Shaddy Swade
Evan Fynes
Allison Cihla
Jeff Henke

Megan Henderson
Kara Schafer
Molly Rupli
Joel Davidson



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