CellPhotoChem Lab

CellPhotoChem Lab


  • GPCR and G protein signaling in immune and cancer cell migration.
  • Engineering optogenetic approaches to control subcellular signaling.
  • Engineering of biosensors and assay to quantify dynamic behaviors of signaling molecules.
  • Experiment-guided mathematical-computations modeling of cellular signaling networks.
  • Functional characterization opsin for their ability to control mammalian cell signaling.
  • Optical isomerization of push-pull molecules and the applicability in biomedical research.
  • Photochemistry and photobiology of retinal


GPCR optogenetics 

GPCR optogenetics: We employ G protein coupled vision receptors as a powerful resource for controlling signaling in single cells with subcellular resolution. By expressing these optical triggers and FP based molecular sensors together, we show that spectrally distinct wavelengths of light can, simultaneously and independently, control single cell signaling and behaviors.

 GPCR corss talks and itch sensation

GPCR cross talks and itch sensation: We investigate the signaling mechanisms of GPCR cross talk and subsequent pain pathways to understand the mechanisms of itch.

 GPCR controlled calcium signaling pathways

GPCR controlled Calcium signaling pathways: We investigate differential regulation of Calcium signaling mediated by extracellular stimuli mediated activation of variety of GPCRs.

 GABAb-G protein

GABAb-G protein mediated signal modulation in neurons: Activation of endogenous GABAb receptor induces a profound G protein bg subunit translocation (note the filling of the Golgi regions with green color) in neurons. We are interested in understanding the physiological roles of this process.

Last Updated: 5/27/20