Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Colloquia & Seminars Schedule — Summer 2022

Welcome to the website for the Summer 2022 series of the departmental colloquia!
  • Departmental colloquia (CHEM 6920/8920) typically meet at 4 pm on Monday and Wednesday.
  • This semester colloquia will be held either in person in WO 1205 or virtually via WebEx. You will receive a link to the virtual talks via e-mail.
  • Please email Dr. Cora Lind-Kovacs with any questions.







Monday May 16 4:00 pm


Wednesday May 18 4:00 pm    
Monday May 23 4:00 pm Dr. Cora Lind-Kovacs


Faculty Talks
Wednesday May 25 4:00 pm Dr. Matt Wohlever


Faculty Talks
Wednesday January 26 Noon Dr. Andrei Anghel via WebEx
Careers in Chemistry
Dr. Matt Wohlever
Wednesday January 26 4:00 pm

Dr. Michael Young
Dr. Peter Andreana

Faculty Talks
Monday January 31 Noon Dr. Wei Li


Faculty Talks
Monday January 31  4:00 pm Dr. Gaël Ung
University of Connecticut
Dr.  Michael Young
Wednesday February 2 Noon Dr. Emanuela Gionfriddo


Faculty Talks
Wednesday February 2 4:00 pm _____________


Faculty Talks
Monday February 7 Noon    
Monday February 7 4:00 pm Dr. Danielle Dube via WebEx
Bowdoin College
Dr. Peter Andreana
Wednesday February 9 Noon    
Wednesday February 9 4:00 pm    
Monday February 14 Noon    
Monday February 14 4:00 pm    
Wednesday February 16 Noon    
Wednesday February 16 4:00 pm    
Monday February 21 Noon    
Monday February 21  4:00 pm    
Wednesday February 23 Noon    
Wednesday February 23 4:00 pm Dr. Catherine Grimes via WebEx
University of Delaware
Dr. Steven Sucheck
Monday February 28 Noon    
Monday February 28 4:00 pm Dr. Sanjaya Abeysirigunawardena
Kent State University
Dr. Ajith Karunarathne
Wednesday March 2 Noon    
Wednesday March 2 4:00 pm    
Monday March 7 Noon Spring Break  
Monday March 7 4:00 pm Spring Break   
Wednesday March 9 Noon Spring Break   
Wednesday March 9 4:00 pm Spring Break   
Monday March 14 Noon Dr. Samanatha Lee via WebEx
Careers in Chemistry
Dr. Matthew Wohlever
Monday March 14 4:00 pm    
Wednesday March 16 Noon    
Wednesday March 16 4:00 pm Dr. Stephen J. Valentine via WebEx
West Virginia University
Dr. Dragan Isailovic
Monday March 21 Noon    
Monday March 21 4:00 pm    
Wednesday March 23 Noon    
Wednesday March 23 4:00 pm Dr. Michael Roper
Florida State University 
Dr. Emanuela Gionfriddo
Monday March 28 Noon Matthew Lohman (4th year seminar) Dr. Peter Andreana 
Monday March 28 4:00 pm    
Wednesday March 30 Noon Dhanushan Wijayaratna (4th year seminar) Dr. Ajith Karunarathne
Wednesday  March 30 4:00 pm Dr. Jungsan Sohn via WebEx
Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Matthew Wohlever
Monday April 4 Noon Dr. Svitlana Pylypenko via WebEx
Colorado School of Mines
Dr. Michal Marszewski
Monday April 4  4:00 pm    
Wednesday  April 6 Noon

Abigail Gohmann (2nd year seminar)

Brandon Russell (2nd year seminar)

Dr. Michael Young

Dr. Cora Lind-Kovacs

Wednesday  April 6 4:00 pm    
Monday April 11 Noon Abdullah Almalki (4th year seminar) Dr. Terry Bigioni
Monday April 11  4:00 pm Dr. Susan Richardson
University of South Carolina
Wednesday  April 13 Noon

Ashlee Bartlett-Niese (2nd year seminar)

Veronica Martin (2nd year seminar)

Dr. Mark Mason

Dr. Tim Mueser

Wednesday  April 13 4:00 pm

Dr. Bruce Bamber
University of Toledo

 Dr. Peter Andreana
Monday April 18 Noon Ishani Hettiarachchi
Public dissertation defense
Dr. Jianglong Zhu
Monday April 18 4:00 pm Aravinda Ulluwis Hewage
Public dissertation defense
Dr. John Bellizzi
Wednesday  April 20 Noon Beth Ziegelmeyer
Honors thesis presentation
Dr. Emanuela Gionfriddo
Wednesday  April 20 4:00 pm Victoria Drago
Public dissertation defense
Dr. Timothy Mueser
Monday April 25 Noon Mithila Tennakoon
Public dissertation defense
Dr. Ajith Karunarathe
Monday April 25 4:00 pm   Dr. Michal Marszewski
Wednesday  April 27 Noon    
Wednesday  April 27 4:00 pm    


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