Department of Physics and Astronomy

Physics and Astronomy: People

Below is the directory of all of our faculty, staff, and graduate students and their contact information. For information about our location, mailing address, and directions, please see the department contact information.

Administrative Faculty & Staff

Position Name Phone Office Email
Department Chair Khare, Sanjay x2292 MH5010 sanjay.khare
Associate Chair Chandar, Rupali x4957 RO2050 rupali.chandar
Director of Ritter Observatory Bjorkman, Jon x8535 RO1020 jon.bjorkman
Director of Ritter Planetarium Cushing, Michael x2637 RO1060 michael.cushing
Administrative Assistant Obee, Lynda x2241 MH2019 Lynda.obee
Graduate Advisor Cheng, Song x4788 MH 4015 song.cheng
Graduate Admissions Officer Podraza, Nikolas x3708 R1 2100E nikolas.podraza
Undergraduate Advisor Lee, Scott x4779 MH3003 scott.lee
Business Services Officer Benschoter, Lori x4623 MH 2023 Lori.Benschoter


Phone Extensions
xYYYY = 419-530-YYYY
MH = McMaster Hall, RO=Ritter Observatory, R1 = Research and Technology Complex 1

Department Mailing Lists

Last Updated: 8/28/19