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Physics and Astronomy: People

Below is the directory of all of our faculty, staff, and graduate students and their contact information. For information about our location, mailing address, and directions, please see the department contact information.

    Administrative Faculty & Staff

    Position Name Phone Office Email
    Department Chair Khare, Sanjay x4906
    Associate Chair Chandar, Rupali x4957 RO2050 rupali.chandar
    Director of Ritter Observatory Bjorkman, Jon x8535 RO1020 jon.bjorkman
    Director of Ritter Planetarium Cushing, Michael x2637 RO1060 michael.cushing
    Administrative Assistant Obee, Lynda x2241 MH2019 Lynda.obee
    Graduate Advisor Cheng, Song x4788 MH 4015 song.cheng
    Graduate Admissions Officer Podraza, Nikolas x3708 R1 2100E nikolas.podraza
    Undergraduate Advisor Lee, Scott x4779 MH3003 scott.lee
    Business Services Officer Burkholder, Lori x4623 MH 2023 Lori.Burkholder


    Name Phone Office Email Field
    Amar, Jacques x2259 MH5006 jacques.amar Condensed Matter Theory
    Bjorkman, Jon x8535 RO1020 jon.bjorkman Astrophysics/Stellar Disks and Winds (theory)/Director of Ritter
    Bjorkman, Karen x7846
    karen.bjorkman Astrophysics/Circumstellar Disks/Polarimetry/Dean
    Bornak, Jillian x2226 MH 4008 Jillian.Bornak Lecturer
    Chandar, Rupali x4957 RO2050 rupali.chandar Astrophysics/Extragalactic
    Cheng, Song x4788 MH 4015 song.cheng Atomic Physics (exp)/Graduate Advisor
    Collins, Robert x2195
    R1 210
    robert.collins NEG Endowed Chair
    Cushing, Michael x2637 RO1060 michael.cushing Astrophysics
    Low-Mass Stars
    and Brown Dwarfs
    Director of Ritter Planetarium
    Deng, Xunming x4782 MH5002 xunming.deng Condensed Matter (exp)
    Ellingson, Randy x2648
    R1 210
    randy.ellingson Condensed Matter (exp)
    Gao, Bo x4628 MH4021 bo.gao Theoretical Physics
    Heben, Michael x3870
    R1 210
    michael.heben PVIC Endowed Chair
    Karpov, Victor x4622 MH5012 victor.karpov Theoretical Physics
    Khare, Sanjay x4906
    sanjay.khare Department Chair/Condensed Matter Theory
    Lee, Scott x4779 MH3003 scott.lee Biophysics (exp)
    Medling, Anne x2659 RO 1050 Anne.Medling Astrophysics
    Megeath, S. Thomas x7812 RO2040 s.megeath Astrophysics
    Star Formation
    Podraza, Nikolas x3708 R1 2100E nikolas.podraza Photovoltaics
    Ray, Aniruddha x4787 MH 4017 Aniruddha.Ray Biophysics
    Shan, Kathy x5334 MH 4025 kathy.shan Lecturer
    Smith, JD x8528 RO300A jd.smith Astrophysics
    Visbal, Eli x4957 RO 2050 Elijah.Visbal Theoretical Astrophysics
    Yan, Yanfa x5335
    R1 2100D
    yanfa.yan Ohio Research Scholar Chair

    Department Staff

    Name Phone Office Email Title
    Ambalanath, Shan x4717 MH2020 ambalanath.shan Electronics Technician
    Brown, Mike x2981
    michael.brown1 Physics & Observatory Technician
    Burkholder, Lori x4623 MH 2023 Lori.Burkholder Fiscal Specialist 1
    Mak, Alex x4641 RO31 alexander.mak Associate Planetarium Director
    Obee, Lynda x2241 MH2019 Lynda.obee Administrative Assistant
    Salupo, Carl x3838 R1 Bldg. carl.salupo Research Lab Technician

    Post-Doctoral Research Associates

    Name Phone Office Email Field
    Bi, Enbing x2241 R1 Physics
    Du, Maria x4904 MH 5007 Ningyi.Du Physics
    Lamarche, Cody x4643 RO 3010 cody.lamarche Astronomy
    Li, Dengbing 419-320-8831 R1 2100P Physics
    Mok, Angus x2241 RO 3020 king.mok Astronomy
    Nath, Peuli x2241 MH 5015 peuli.nath Physics
    Pokhrel, Riwaj x4643 RO 3010 riwaj.pokhrel Astronomy
    Pradhan, Puja   R1 puja.pradhan Photovoltaics
    Ramanujam, Balaji x2241 R1 balaji.ramanujam Physics
    Song, Zhaoning x3785 R1 2100D Photovoltaics
    Sperling, Nicholas x2147 MH 4004 nicholas.sperling Medical Physics
    Subedi, Indra   R1 Indra.Subedi Photovoltaics
    Wang, Xiaoming x2241 R1 Physics
    Wu, Zhifang x2241 R1 zhifang.wu Physics

    Graduate Students Directory

    Name Phone Office Email Field
    Adhikari, Dipendra x3708 R1 Dipendra.Adhikari Photovoltaics
    Adhikari, Vijaya x4903 MH 5009 Vijaya.Adhikari Physics
    Agostino, James x2241 MH 2014 James.Agostino Astronomy
    Akbari, Fatemeh x4797 MH 4019 Fatemeh.Akbari Physics
    AL-Bayati, Ahmed x4903 MH 5009 Ahmed.Albayati Renewable energy
    Alfadhily, Fadhil x3870 R1 Fadhil.Alfadhily Physics
    Allaire, Daniel x2533 MH 2014   PV
    Almutawah, Zahrah x4729 MH2024 zahrah.almutawah Physics
    Amoah, Sylvester x4729 MH 2024 Sylvester.Amoah Physics
    Arora, Vidheesha x7774 MH 1006 Vidheesha.Arora Bio-Eng
    Awni, Rasha x3918 R1 Rasha.Awni Physics
    Barone, Victor x2533 MH 2014   Condensed Matter
    Bastola, Ebin x3874 R1 Ebin.Bastola Physics
    Beiler, Samuel x2241 MH 2014 Samuel.Beiler Astronomy
    Bista, Sandip x2654 MH 5015 Sandip.Bista Physics
    Bogue, Jonathan N x2147 MH 4004 Jonathan.Bogue Medical Physics
    Bordovalos, Alexander x2533 MH 2014   Photovoltaics
    Caputo, Miranda x2533 MH 2014   Photovoltaics
    Charchi, Negar x2241 MH 5017   Physics
    Chen, Lei x2533 MH 2014 Lei.Chen Physics
    Davis, Matthew x2637 R1 Matthew.Davis Photovoltaics
    Dehal, Prem x4729 MH 2024 Prem.Dehal Physics
    Donnelly, Grant x4990 RO 3020   Astronomy
    Du, Ningy x4904 MH 5007 Ningy.Du Physics
    Dulal, Prabin x2241 MH 2014 Prabin.Dulal Condense Matter
    Dumre, Bishal x4904 MH 5007 BishalBabu.Dumre Physics
    Feathers,Colton x2241 MH 2014 Colton.Feathers Astronomy
    Federman,Samuel x2533 RO 3050 Samuel.Federman Astrophysics
    Floyd, Matthew x2654 MH 5015   Physics
    Fodor, Antoniu x2533 RO 4020 Antoniu.Fodor Physics
    Friedl, Jared x2241 MH 2014 Jared.Friedl Condense Matter
    Frye, Bailey x2241 MH 2014 Bailey.Frye Condensed Matter
    Ghimire, Kiran x2533 MH 2014 Kiran.Ghimire Photovoltaics
    Glass, Ian x2654 MH 5015   Physics
    Greco, Jennifer x2050 RO 4000 Jennifer.Greco Astrophysics
    Grice, Corey x3531 R1 corey.grice Photovoltaics
    Gullingsrud, Allison x7871 RO 4050 allison.bratcher Astrophysics
    Habel, Nolan x4644 RO 4010 Nolan.Habel Astrophysics
    Hamadna, Sameer x2533 MH 2014 Sameer.Hamadna Physics
    Hazlett, Ryan x4788 MH 5008   Physics
    Heckel, Kyle x4729 MH 2014 Kyle.Heckel Physics
    Hosseinian, Ramez x2637 R1 Ramez.Hosseinian Photovoltaics
    Hussain, Zulkifl x2533 MH 2014   Photovoltaics
    Itapu, Srikanth x8288 NE2010 Srikanth.Itapu Magnetic Semiconductor thin films
    Jamarkattel, Manoj x7774 MH 1006 Manoj.Jamarkattel Physics
    Jayswal,Niva x7774 MH 1006 Niva.Jayswal Physics
    Johnston, Victor x4645 RO 4020 Victor.Johnston Astronomy
    Kaluarachchi, Prabodika x2241 MH 2014 Prabodika.Kaluarachchi Condensed Matter
    Kandel, Shreedhar x4903 MH 5009 Shreedhar.Kandel Physics
    Katakumbura, Nadeesha x2241 MH 2014 Nadeesha.Katakumbura Condensed Matter
    Khatri, Indiras x5336 MH 5005 Indiras.Khatri Physics
    Lai, Shao-Yu (Thomas) x4644 RO 4010 ShaoYu.Lai Astrophysics
    Li, Chongwen x3531 R1 Chongwen.Li Photovoltaics
    Liyanage, Geethika Kaushalya x4729 MH 2024 Geethika.Liyanage Photovoltaics
    Mainali, Madan x4797 MH 4019 madan.mainali Medical Physics
    Miller, Emily x4797 MH 4019   Physics
    Mishra, Ashish x2533 RO 3050 Ashish.Mishra Physics
    Neupane, Sabin x2533 MH 2014   Physics
    Oswald, Wayne Lawrence x2050 RO 4000 Wayne.Oswald Astrophysics
    Oudat, Osama x4797 MH 4019 Osama.Oudat Physics
    Patmiou, Maria x7774 MH 1006 Maria.Patmiou Physics
    Pokhrel, Dipendra x2533 MH 2014 Dipendra.Pokhrel Astronomy
    Poudel, Tilak x7774 MH 1006 Tilak.Poudel Photovoltaics
    Quader, Gazi x2533 MH 2014 Abdul.Quader Astronomy
    Rajakaruna, Prabhani x2533 RO 4040 Prabhani.Rajakaruna Astronomy
    Razooqi, Mohammed x2241 MH 2014 Mohammed.Razooqi Physics
    Rijal, Suman x2533 MH 2014 Rijal.Suman Physics
    Salari, Elahheh x4797 MH 4019 Elahheh.Salari Medical Physics
    Sapkota, Dhurba x3843 MH 4004 DhurbaRaj.Sapkota Photovoltaics
    Shrestha, Bishal x2241 MH 2014 Bishal.Shrestha Condensed Matter
    Shrestha, Niraj x4729 MH 2024 Niraj.Shrestha Physics
    Stiller, Robert x2533 MH 2014   Physics
    Subedi, Biwas x2654 MH 5015 Biwas.Subedi Physics
    Subedi, Kamala x7774 MH 1006 Kamala.KhanalSubedi Photovoltaics
    Taghizadehghahremanloo, Somayeh x7774 MH 1006 Somayeh.Taghizadehghahremanloo Physics
    Tamanna, Daisy (Mariam) x4904 MH 5007 Mariam.Tamanna Physics
    Tumusange, Marie x7774 MH 1006 Marie.Tumusange Physics
    Uprety, Prakash x4729 MH 2024 Prakash.Uprety Photovoltaics
    Xie, Kanru x2533 MH2014 Kanru.Xie Medical Physics
    Zakri, Wafa x4729 MH 2024 Wafa.Zakri Physics

    Emeritus and Adjunct Faculty

    Name Phone Office Email Title
    Anderson-Huang, Lawrence x5332 MH3005 lawrence.anderson Professor of Astronomy Emeritus
    Bagley, Brian x4633 MH4027A bgb Professor of Physics Emeritus
    Bohn, Randy x2407 MH4027A randy.bohn Professor of Physics Emeritus
    Bopp, Bernard     bernard.bopp Professor of Astronomy Emeritus
    Compaan, Alvin x4787 MH4017 alvin.compaan Distinguished Professor of Physics Emeritus
    Curtis, Larry x2341 MH4027A larry.curtis Distinguished Professor of Physics Emeritus
    Deck, Robert x2653 MH4027A rdeck Professor of Physics Emeritus
    Ellis, David x4634 MH4027A david.ellis Professor of Physics Emeritus
    Federman, Steven x2652 RO 1030 steven.federman Astrophysics/Interstellar Chemistry
    Irving, Rick x2589 MH2010 richard.irving Atomic Physics (exp)
    James, Philip       Distinguished Professor of Astronomy Emeritus
    Kvale, Thomas x2980
    thomas.kvale Professor of Physics Emeritus
    Morrison, Nancy x2241   nancy.morrison Professor of Astronomy and Planetarium Director Emerita
    Palmer, James x5339 MH4027 james.palmer Professor of Physics Emeritus
    Parsai, Ishmael 419.383.4541 UMC 0237 e.parsai Adjunct Professor (Medical Physics)
    Schectman, Richard x2241   rschect Professor of Physics Emeritus
    Shvydka, Diana 419.383.5328 RHC 0005K diana.shvydka Adjunct Assistant Professor (Medical Physics)
    Simon, H. John x2241   jsimon Professor of Physics Emeritus
    Theodosiou, Constantine x2241   cet Professor of Physics Emeritus
    Williamson, Jr., W. x2241     Professor of Physics Emeritus
    Witt, Adolf x2709 RO2020 adolf.witt Distinguished Professor of Astronomy Emeritus


    Name Phone Office Email Title
    Guan, Lei x3918 R1 1125 Lei.Guan Visiting Scholar
    Koirala, Prakash X3809 R1 prakash.koirala Research Professor
    Medling, Scott x6117 MH 4010 Scott.Medling Research Professor
    Meng, Weiwei x3918 R1 2000C Weiwei.Meng Visiting Scholar
    Phillips, Adam x3884 R1 adam.phillips Research Professor
    Shim, Yunsic x4902 MH 5011 yunsic.shim Research Professor
    Zhao, Dewei x3918 R1 2100D Dewei.Zhao Research Professor


    Phone Extensions
    xYYYY = 419-530-YYYY
    MH = McMaster Hall, RO=Ritter Observatory, R1 = Research and Technology Complex 1

    Department Mailing Lists

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