Department of Physics and Astronomy

Saturday Mornings with Science

  • Free event for the Toledo community!!!
  • We will provide FREE light breakfast: coffee, milk, doughnuts... The event starts at 9:30 AM and runs until approximately 11:00 AM


Bowman-Oddy Laboratories, Room 1059, University of Toledo main campus


Lot 13 and west ramp parking garage, free to public. (Map)

Once more we will have local professors and researchers show you what science in general is all about. There will be tutorials, demos, hands-on, activities, etc. We promise it will be fun!!!


  • Feb. 17th: How Nutrition can Improve Your Health: What Research Studies and the Nutrition Facts are Telling You, Prof. Max Funk, The University of Toledo
  • Feb. 24th: The Magic of Chemistry, Profs. Joseph Schmidt, Carl Ohrenberg and the American Chemical Society UT Student Chapter
  • March 3rd: What is the Physics Behind Blue-ray Laser Disc Players, HD DVD and Ultimately Ever Smaller Computer Hard-drives, Prof. R. Ale Lukaszew, The University of Toledo (download ppt)
  • March 31st: Deal or No Deal? Mathematics for Winners, Prof. Geoffrey Atkinson, Seton Hall University
  • Apr. 21st: Forensic Science: TV vs. Reality, Mr. Larry Rentz, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation

Organized by Dr. Xuefei Huang. (Chemistry), Dr. R. Ale Lukaszew  (Physics and Astronomy) and Prof. Joseph Schmidt, (Chemistry).

Funded by an Academic Excellence award from the University of Toledo.

Co-sponsored by Sigma-Xi UT chapter

Questions? Call us at 419-530-5162
or email us at;

Last Updated: 8/28/19