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The following resources contain information pertaining to the nursery industry.  Information found in these resources range from sprayer analysis to subsurface insecticide treatments. 


A New System to Monitor Water and Nutrient Use in Pot-in-pot Nursery Production Systems
[Full Paper]
A Specially Designed Air-Assisted Sprayer to Improve Spray Penetration and Air Jet Distribution Inside Dense Nursery Crops
[Full Paper]
Detection and Quantification of Nursery Spray Penetration and Off-Target Loss with Electron Beam and Conductivity Analysis
[Full Paper]
Effect of Application Variables on Spray Disposition, Coverage, and Ground Losses in Nursery Tree Application
[Full Paper]
Evaluation of a Contraction Flow Field on Hydrodynamic Damage to Entomopathogenic Nematodes - A Biological Pest Control Agent
Evaluation of Fan-Pattern Spray Nozzle Wear Using Scanning Electron Microscopy
Fall Subsurface Insecticide Treatments Control European Chafer Grubs Damaging Field-Grown Nursery Crops
Foliar Deposition and Off-Target Loss With Different Spray Techniques in Nursery Application
[Full Paper]
Influence of Spray Volume on Spray Deposition and Coverage within Nursery Trees
[Full Paper]
Investigation of Drainage and Plant Growth from Nursery Container Substrate
Real-Time Measurement of Drainage from Pot-in-pot Container Nurseries
[Full Paper]
Spray Characteristics and Drift Reduction Potential with Air Induction and Conventional Flat-Fan Nozzles
[Full Paper]
Spray Delivery to Nursery Trees by Air Curtain and Axial Fan Orchard Sprayers
[Full Paper]



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