School of Green Chemistry and Engineering

Upcoming Seminars

Below are listed upcoming seminars related to green chemistry and green engineering.  For a full listing of departmental seminars, see the lists provided in the Department of Chemistry and Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering.

January 19, 2017         Climate Change Disruption:  How Do We Know?  What Can We Do?
                                    Dr. Andrew Jorgensen
                                    Associate Professor of Chemistry
                                    Senior Fellow, National Council for Science and the Environment
                                    UT Lake Erie Center
                                    6200 Bayshore Road
                                    Oregon, OH
                                    7:00 pm

                                    You can take the shuttle from the main campus to the LEC for this event.  Look for the white
                                    van at 6:00 pm on the south side of Bowman-Oddy Laboratories on Towerview Blvd.  The van
                                    departs at 6:15 pm.

October 12, 2016         Webinar:  Green Chemistry, Safer Choices
                                    Janet Haff, Region 5, U.S. EPA
                                    Amelia Valberg, Region 5, U.S. EPA
                                    David Foulkes, Ohio EPA
                                    Rebecca S. Kaufold, Spartan Chemical Company
                                    Glenn Lipscomb, School of Green Chemistry and Engineering
                                    Nitschke Hall, SSOE Seminar Room
                                    3:00 pm
                                    You can register for the webinar and attend online by registering here.

                                    This webinar is sponsored by the US EPA, Ohio EPA, Spartan Chemical, and the
                                    University of Toledo School of Green Chemistry and Engineering.

September 28, 2016    The Convergence of University Research, Technology Commercialization & Career
                                   Development:  A New 21st Century Contact Sport
Dr. Judith Giordan
                                   VP and Managing Director of ecosVC
                                   Co-Founder of the Chemical Angel Network

                                   Wolfe Hall, Room 1205
                                   4:00 pm

                                   Co-sponsored by Rocket Innovations, the LaunchPad, and the University of Toledo
                                   School of Green Chemistry and Engineering, 

April 23, 2016             Green Chemistry:  Making Better Molecules for a Sustainable Future
                                    Dr. Amy Cannon
                                    Executive Director
                                    Beyond Benign
                                    Wolfe Hall, Room 1205
                                    9:30 am

                                    Part of the Saturday Morning Science Program

March 2, 2016             To Be Announced
                                    Dr. Michael Young
                                    University of Texas at Austin
                                    Wolfe Hall, Room 1205
                                    4:00 pm

February 29, 2016       Transition Metal Catalysis: From Functionalization to Defunctionalization
                                    Dr. Alex John
                                    University of Minnesota
                                    Wolfe Hall, Room 1205
                                    4:00 pm

February 24, 2016       Heterogeneous Water Oxidation Catalysts for Energy Storage Applications
                                    Dr. Aaron Bloomfield
                                    Yale University
                                    Wolfe Hall, Room 1205
                                    4:00 pm

February 18, 2016       Identifying New Paradigms in Crystal Engineering for Catalysis
                                   and Biomedical Applications
                                    Dr. Jeffrey D. Rimer
                                    University of Houston
                                    Nitschke Seminar Room 1027 (Chemical Engineering)

November 18, 2015     Process Safety:  It All Starts with You!
                                    L.D. Pierce
                                    Manager of Regulatory and Environmental Affairs
                                    Husky Refining Company
                                    Wolfe Hall, Room 1205
                                    7:00 pm

                                   Hosted by the UT Student American Chemical Society

November 16, 2015     Fluorous Green Synthesis for Medicinal Chemistry and Organocatalysis
                                    Wei Zhang
                                    Director, Center for Green Chemistry
                                    University of Massachusetts Boston
                                    Wolfe Hall, Room 1205
                                    4:00 pm

November 3, 2015      Sustainability in Industry
                                   Gale Tedhams
                                   Director, Products and Supply Chain Sustainability
                                   Owens Corning
                                   SSOE Seminar Room, Nitschke Hall
                                   6:00 pm

                                   Hosted by the UT Student American Chemical Society

October 22, 2015        Environmental Sustainability:  Life Cycle Assessment and Modeling,
                                   Designing, and Evaluating Processes

                                    Raymond L. Smith
                                    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
                                    National Risk Management Research Laboratory
                                    Cincinnati, OH
                                    1072 Nitschke Hall
                                    12:00 pm

September 30, 2015     Green Chemistry:  The Missing Elements
                                     John C. Warner
                                     President and Chief Technology Officer
                                     Warner Babcock Institute
                                     Doermann Theater
                                     4:00 pm

 April 7, 2015              The Chemistry Behind the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster
                                    David Gerren
                                    First Energy, Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant
                                    1019 Driscoll Alumni Center
                                    6:30 pm

                                    Sponsored by the UT Student American Chemical Society

March 21, 2015            Fungal Biopolymers as Substitutes for Petroleum Derivatives in Multiple Applications
                                    Julian Hadley
                                    Ecovative Design

                                    Washington Branch Library
                                    5560 Harvest Lane, Toledo, OH
                                    3:00 pm

                                    Sponsored by the Toledo Section of the American Chemical Society






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