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Department of Instructional Design and Development

The department is dedicated to supporting faculty, adjunct instructors, and teaching assistants in the design, development, and implementation of online and blended learning courses. Our team of instructional designers and multimedia designers work with faculty in the creation of inventive, engaging, and effective learning environments where learners can succeed. The instructional design and development department provides consultations, training, and services in the following areas:

Instructional Design and Consultation

Instructional designers work collaboratively with faculty in the design and development of online and blended learning courses. Instructional designers can meet with you to:

  • Craft a course development plan
  • Discuss learning objectives for online and blended learning courses
  • Recommend design choices
    • course structure
    • learning activities
    • assessment strategies
    • selection of course technologies
  • Provide guidance regarding copyright and accessibility issues
  • Discuss strategies for building and facilitating online communities in your courses
  • Discuss strategies for promoting academic integrity online
  • Provide guidance regarding management of the online workload
  • Discuss Quality Matters (QM) standards for course design and revision

Multimedia Design and Production

Multimedia designers provide high-quality, effective e-learning solutions, including audio, video, animation and interactivity, graphics, and simulations. The multimedia designers may also build and deploy interfaces that enhance and integrate with our academic courses. They can work with you to:

  • Record, edit and produce digital audio and video
  • Develop high quality 2D and 3D graphics
  • Develop high quality 2D and 3D animated simulations and learning objects
  • Develop web-based design, code-scripting, and mobile device interfaces (HTML, PHP, JavaScript)
  • Improve and enhance instructional materials
  • Suggest techniques for creating interactive multimedia learning objects
  • Provide multimedia support to faculty and stakeholders

Online Faculty Development

Instructional designers and Multimedia designers conduct faculty development workshops and courses each semester. The workshops focus on specific topics related to online course design and delivery; the online certificate courses prepare participants to design quality online courses and effectively facilitate teaching and learning in an online environment. As a member of Ohio QM Consortium, we also offer the Applying QM Rubric workshop in both online and face-to-face environments. This workshop introduces participants to QM standards and the review process, and prepares participants to apply the QM rubric in the review of online courses.

Quality Matters Course Review

Instructional designers who are QM peer reviewers also work with online instructors to conduct informal QM course reviews and provide recommendations according to QM review process. The QM standards and review process are based on national standards of best practices and instructional design principles. The review process is a collaborative and collegial dialogue between faculty developers and instructional designers committed to continuous quality improvement.

We encourage faculty to share ideas and experiences regarding best practices of online learning and teaching so that other online instructors can learn from your success. Please visit the Consultation page for our contact information.

Last Updated: 6/9/16