Office of Institutional Research

Support Services


Institutional Research Can Provide the following survey Support:

  • Clarify the questions you want answered.
  • Advise on the most appropriate method of deployment (web, mail, etc.).
  • Compile and clean electronic survey response files.
  • Provide Analysis of survey results.
  • Assist with survey implementation in Qualtrics.

What You'll Need To Provide

  • Overall direction of the project, including final approval of the research design, instrument, and implementation
  • Acquire  IRB approval, if necessary. 
  • Deployment of the survey to recipients.
  • Provide email list of recipients.
  • Manual data entry of "free form" (written) responses
  • Survey costs (printing, postage, etc)
  • There is no charge for IR staff time, but staff time is limited.
  • For assistance with your survey please fill out an IR Request Form and specify Survey as your request type.

For additional Information, Please Contact:

Dr. Mingyang Liu, 419-530-1243 - Survey administration and research
Last Updated: 6/24/20