Embed Forms into Webpage

Use the following steps to embed a form into a webpage:

embed form

  1. After building the form in JotForm Forms Manager, save changes.  From the "Setup & Embed" tab located in the top toolbar, click on the blue globe titled "Embed Form".
  2. Copy the Form ID presented in numbers.
  3. Log in to OmniUpdate and navigate to your folders by clicking on "Pages".
  4. Locate the "webforms" folder inside your department folder.  If you do not have a webforms folder, click on the green "NEW+" button on the top right and create a folder named "webforms".  Make sure all forms go into this folder.

Webforms in Omni

5. Inside the "webforms" folder, click on the green "NEW+" button on the top right and select "webform.tcf".

Embed forms

6. Paste the Form ID copied in Step 2 into the "WebForm ID" field.  Complete the “Page Title” and “Filename” fields and click on "Create." The form will appear inside your webpage..
Form Edit

7. Text and/or images can be added to the webpage either before or after the form by clicking on the green "Edit" buttons.

8. Publish the page by clicking on the green "Publish" button in the Page Actions toolbar at the top of your screen.

9. The page can be linked to any image or text in the same manner that is used to create any other link within OmniUpdate.

Last Updated: 9/3/19