Office of Quality and Continuous Learning

Strategic Objectives

  • Leadership, Management and Organization Development:  Provide opportunities for professional learning and a UT non-credit curriculum that connects core competencies, skill gaps and performance management plans.  Assist UT areas with enhancing productivity, teamwork and cultural issues as well as analysis, assessment and strategy formulation.
  • Continuous Improvement - Institutional Projects and Initiatives:  Identify annually continuous improvement projects throughout UT through project teams, designed with timelines for project completion.
  • Standard and Metrics (Academic and Non-Academic):  Continuous Improvement projects and processes at UT will result in a UT community expectation of greater accountability for higher standards and metrics.
  • Benchmarking and Global Perspective:  Benchmarking other higher educational institutions as well as researching appropriate national event information to maintain interaction with exemplary practices as well as implementation of those appropriate to UT.
Last Updated: 2/23/21