University of Toledo - Assessment of Student Learning

University Assessment Committee

University Assessment Committee Charge (Original)

The University Assessment Committee (UAC) leads the continued development of learning assessment policies at UT. Through College, academic support units, student affairs, and core curriculum liaisons, the UAC monitors assessment activity at the program level, and reviews and provides feedback on the annual reports. The UAC collaborates with the appropriate internal and external resources to provide leadership for the professional development of faculty, administration and staff on assessment processes and resources. The UAC website serves as a source for archiving assessment activity and resources available for those involved with assessment at the university. Specifically, the UAC will:

  • Lead the development of learning assessment policies at UT.
  • Provide leadership in the review, evaluation and continuous improvement of the University’s assessment plan.
  • Provide a clearinghouse for the dissemination of information on student learning and assessment.
  • Identify external professional development opportunities to help faculty understand the complexities of assessment and to help articulate learning outcomes.
  • Provide leadership for training faculty in the use of assessment tools such as portfolios, surveys, formative and summative instruments, capstone experiences, applied experiences, course embedded assessment and use of multiple measures in student outcomes assessment.
  • Communicate with University senior leadership and the campus about assessment policies and activities, assessment report summaries and recommendations, and recognition of substantial individual and group contributions to progress in the assessment of student achievement.

Approved by Provost, August 2011


Assessment is the ongoing collection of data that measures student learning in order to inform continuous improvement decisions.

Outcomes are concise and measurable statements that specify what students will know, be able to do, or be able to demonstrate when they have completed/participated in a program/course/project or received a service.

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