University of Toledo - Assessment of Student Learning

University Assessment Committee History

The University Assessment Committee was established in the spring of 2002 to
develop a structure for overseeing assessment planning and reporting. Early
tasks included setting up an administrative structure with the help of a vice provost,
recommend policies and practices to support university assessment initiatives,
and implement a system of requesting five-year assessment plans and yearly
assessment reports from each of the colleges and the student services unit.
The committee now reports to the Vice Provost for Assessment and Strategic Planning
who provides administrative oversight and support to the committee’s efforts. The
University Assessment Committee currently conducts its work through a variety of
subcommittees and overlapping memberships with other university and college
committees. The University Assessment Committee is presently made up of
23 members, including faculty, administrators, and students. Four subcommittees –
the Assessment Report Subcommittee, the Training and Development Subcommittee,
the Website Subcommittee, and the Leadership Subcommittee – accomplish the
work of the University Assessment Committee. Additional information related to the
process of assessment and the University Assessment Committee can be reviewed at:

2012 Self-Study Report, p.161

Last Updated: 6/30/19