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Glossary of Terms

Every campus has their own way of speaking, including short cuts, nicknames, and abbreviations for things around campus.  We like to call it UT Campus Speak.  Here are some of the terms you may hear while on campus:

Glossary of University of Toledo Terms:

Banner = Refers to the student information system used by faculty and staff that houses all student program, payroll, academic, and other data.

Blackboard = Blackboard is the Student Learning Management System used for online classes.  Faculty can include links, videos, discussion boards, tests, surveys, and many other classroom items and activities through this secure portal.  Only registered students of the course may access the course information through Blackboard.  The system requires a UT login through your UTAD Account (referenced at the bottom of this list).  Issues with Blackboard access should be directed to your instructor or through the help desk at:  

Block = Refers to the Block Health Science Building

FAFSA = (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)  Refers to the financial aid form completed in spring each year to apply for federal financial aid.  The form is online at:

GRAD Form = (Graduate Research Advisory Committee Approval and Assurances Form) Refers to the form graduate students must complete BEFORE they may begin research for a thesis, dissertation, or scholarly project.  The form may be found at:

HEB = Refers to the Health Education Building on the Health Science Campus.  

HSC = The Health Science Campus located on Arlington Avenue, houses the College of Medicine and Life Sciences, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  The College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences also has a presence on the Main Campus.

IISC = (pronounced "iskey") Refers to the Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center or "The Sim Center" for short.

IRB = An institutional review board (IRB), also known as an independent ethics committee (IEC), ethical review board (ERB), or research ethics board (REB), is a type of committee used in medical research in the United States that has been formally designated to approve, monitor, and review biomedical and behavioral research

Mall = This does not refer to a place to shop, but the middle (or center) of campus.  It is a gathering area for students and student events.

MC = (Main Campus) Refers to the University of Toledo campus located on Bancroft Street, and housing the following colleges:  Adult and Lifelong Learning; Business and Innovation; Communication and the Arts; Education; Engineering; Exploratory Studies; Graduate Studies; Health Science and Human Services; Honors; Languages, Literature, and Social Sciences; Law; Natural Sciences and Mathematics; and University College.

Morse Center = This is the top floor of the Dowling Building that houses the gym available to all faculty, staff, and students

Mulford = Mulford Library.  Top two floors house the library; bottom floor houses the Student Service Center, Registrar, Financial Aid, Graduate College, Office of International Student Services (scheduled days), Office of Disability Services (scheduled days)

MyUT = A secure personalized Web environment that provides a single access point for all the information you need to make your UT experience complete.  The link to the MyUT portal is:

R Number = This refers to your Rocket Number of your student identification number.  The student identification number begins with the letter R and is followed by 8 numbers:  R12345678.  You need to memorize this number as you will be asked for your R number whenever seeking assistance by a service office, or even by a faculty member.

Rocket Card = The Rocket Card is the official University of Toledo Identification Card. The Rocket Card is multifaceted in its uses; it provides students and employees safe, quick access to campus services as well as having a debit card feature.   The debit card features allows the university to apply your financial aid to your Rocket Card and for you or your family to add additional funds On-line. 

Rocket E-Mail = This is also known as your UTAD email address.  Your rocket email is usually in the following format:  Some slight variations may be necessary for students with identical or similar names.  All students (even current faculty who are students) receive a rocket email address.

Scott Park = The Scott Park Campus

Sim Center = Refers to the Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center (IISC - pronounced "iskey")

Treehouse = Top floor of Mulford Library Building, a place for silent study 

Union = Refers to the student union located on Main Campus

UT = The University of Toledo

UTAD = (pronounced "you-tad")  UTAD is your personalized account that allows you to use many of UT's online resources.  People may ask if you have activated your "UTAD account."  Your UTAD account gives you important access to the myUT portal, a secure personalized Web environment that provides a single access point for all the information you need to make your UT experience complete.  The link to the UTAD Account page is:

UTMC = The hospital located on the Health Science Campus.  The letters stand for the University of Toledo Medical Center, which is now known as UT Health.

WebXtender or WebX = Refers to the imaging system used by faculty and staff, mainly in the College of Graduate Studies in the areas of admissions and student affairs.


Last Updated: 8/2/16