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Winter Intersession

Winter Intersession Term:  December 18, 2017 through January 13, 2018

The time between the end of fall semester and the beginning of spring semester provides an opportunity for eligible students to enroll in one of ten Winter Intersession courses. This opportunity allows students to meet their educational goals by allowing them to focus on one subject area. 

The delivery of these undergraduate and graduate courses will be in a variety of modes from face to face, online or blended. The options include a study abroad trip to explore the relationship between theatre and religion in ancient Roman to a blended honor’s seminar on Metaliteracy & Research for the Modern Scholar to an online graduate class in Health Communication.

The University of Toledo is offering 10 short-term credit classes, some starting December 18, 2017 and others beginning January 2, 2018 all ending by January 13, 2018. 

Accelerate your path to a degree by earning credits over winter break.

Winter Term Course Offerings:

CHEM 2910/3910/4910 -  Undergraduate Research I
CRN# 80007/80009/80010
1 credit hour (blended)
Course runs: 1/2/2018-1/13/2018

The objective of this course is to review many of the principles and applications of statistics in chemistry and biochemistry as well as biology with the main purpose of preparing undergraduate students for experimental research.  The focus will be placed on   topics including the application of descriptive statistics (i.e. range, standard deviation), inferential statistics (i.e. s.e.m., confidence interval, P value), as well as use of statistics and data management software such as OriginPro. A special emphasis will be given to improve the data analysis and presentation skills. Students will be required to discuss peer reviewed scientific literature and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the employed statistical approaches.

HEAL 3600 - Prevention and Control of Disease
CRN# 80006
3 credit hour (nine face-to-face meetings)
Course runs: 1/2/2018-1/13/2018

An examination of the etiology, pathogenesis, prevention and control of acute and chronic diseases. Current techniques of prevention, control and detection are examined. The course will introduce students to the major communicable and non-communicable diseases of public health concern and the prevention and control measures based on the Natural History of Disease Model and the Prevention Spectrum.

HEAL 6280/8280 - Health Communication
CRN# 80011/80013
3 credit hour (online)
Course runs: 12/18/2017-1/12/2018

Designed to help students identify, analyze, and apply concepts, theories and methodologies related to health communication in various settings and at various levels of influence. Emphasis will be placed on learning how to design, communicate and evaluate effective health promotion messages.

HON 4960 - Honors Seminar: Metaliteracy & Research for the Modern Scholar
CRN# 80004
3 credit hour (blended)
Course runs: 12/18/2017-1/12/2018

Whether in our academic pursuits or in daily life, we are surrounded by a complex information environment. Metaliteracy is the set of critical analysis and production skills that help us navigate that work. For example, who owns information or can it be owned? How can social media define us or expose us? How does ready access to an (over) abundance of information change how we think and function? In addition, while each discipline has its own way of doing research, good research skills are universal. This seminar will provide skills in information gathering and access useful for in-depth exploration in your own field, and the seminar may serve as a stepping-stone for students embarking on their honor thesis project and eventually graduate school.

MATH 1330 – Trigonometry
CRN# 80008

3 credit hour (blended)
Course runs: 12/18/2017-1/13/2018

This course will help students develop mathematical skills with emphasis on problems requiring the use of trigonometric functions. Curriculum will cover the definitions and graphs of trigonometric functions and their inverses, solving trigonometric equations, applications and topics in analytic geometry.

NURS 4350 - Transition to BSN Practice
CRN# 80015

2 credit hour (online, days off for holidays)
Course runs: 12/18/2017-1/7/2018

This course facilitates the development and implementation of strategies to enable the synthesis of professional development for the baccalaureate nurse. The course enables the student to recognize and understand the critical role that nurses play in health care delivery. Students will analyze principles of professional practice and will explore strategies to model the professional practice role in current clinical situations. This course also assists the student in the online classroom environment.

NURS 6140 - Advanced Practice Nurse: Role and Issue
CRN# 80017
2 credit hour (online)
Course runs: 12/18/2017-1/13/2018

Focuses on the issues and role of the advanced practice nurse, including historical and current perspectives of the advanced role. Examines health care system issues pertaining to advanced practice.

PHIL 1020 - Critical Thinking
CRN#  80002

3 credit hour (blended, eight face-to-face meetings in January)
Course runs: 12/18/2017-1/13/2018

This is an introductory course in informal logic and critical thinking. It focuses on the study of inductive reasoning and trains skills for the recognition and avoidance of fallacious reasoning. The goal of the course is for students to develop and strengthen their abilities to reconstruct and evaluate arguments presented mostly in informal texts and conversations. It introduces analytic tools for making important decisions in everyday life as well as professional settings by explicitly studying common forms of arguments in legal and moral contexts as well as in the context of scientific practice and application of scientific knowledge.

PUBH 6010/8010 - Public Health Epidemiology
CRN# 80003/80019
3 credit hour (blended, eight face-to-face meetings)
Course runs: 12/18/2017-1/12/2018

The course will present principles of the epidemiology method including problem solving. Various study designs will be discussed, including prospective and retrospective studies, analytic, and experimental methods.

THR 4990 - Special Projects: Theatre and Ritual in Ancient Religion
CRN# 80012
1 credit hour (two-weeks, study abroad)
Course runs: 12/18/2017-1/12/2018

This two-week site-touring seminar explores the relationship between theatre and religion in ancient Roman culture.  Students will visit ruins of theatres and temples in Pompeii, Herculaneum, Cuma and Oplonitis. The students will read relevant research about the ritual worship of various deities, and relate this to ancient plays.  Students will also learn how sites of ancient ruins have inspired new directions in theatre and ritual practice that continue to this day.

Eligibility to Enroll for the Winter intersession:

  • Students must be in good academic standing, with a 2.O GPA or higher.
  • NCAA athletes are eligible to enroll.   
  • Guest/Visiting students
  • All previously enrolled students in good academic standing (those who have not taken a class in the last two years must reapply as a readmit student)

The following students are NOT eligible to participate in the Winter Intersession:

  • Students with GPA below 2.0
  • College Credit Plus student

Registration Process:

Registration begins Oct. 18, 2017, the same time that spring 2018 registration opens.  Students enroll at the time they are generally eligible to register.

- Students may opt to audit a course
- Late registration will not be permitted and there will be no wait-listing for this term

Online Registration:
Students may register for classes using any PC with Internet access by accessing the myUT portal.  To login to the myUT portal, users enter their UTAD username and password. To activate a UTAD account visit the UTAD Account Management page for instructions. The myUT portal allows students to register for classes and print a bill or class schedule. More information about myUT portal  is available.

All Guest/Visiting, Readmit, Non-matriculating and Transfer Students Must:

Complete the admissions application for Spring 2018 by 5 business days prior to the start of the class.

Student Financial Aid for Intersessions

The Intersession term is a stand-alone term and generates a separate bill. Winter Intersession payment is due December 8, 2017, 10 days prior to start of the intersession term. For Financial Aid purposes, Winter Intersession will be administered in a manner similar to Summer Term. Winter Intersession is considered a subcomponent of spring semester, therefore disbursement of excess aid will not be made until January 16, 2018 the start of spring classes.

Support Services Provided During Winter Intersession Term:

College student service offices will be open and advisers will be available during the intersession term, with the following exception. Note that the University of Toledo offices will be closed December 25, 2017  through January 1, 2018.

Student services that will be open include the following:

  • Rocket Solutions Central
  • Center for Success Coaching
  • Carlson Library
  • Mulford Library
  • Career Services
  • Testing Center
  • Disability Student Services 
  • Blackboard and Distance Learning support
  • Parking passes will not be needed for the intersession term.  However, general parking rules will be enforced (handicapped parking, parking outside of line, etc.).
  • The UT Bookstore will be open all days except Monday, December 25th.

Transitional housing will be available for students living on campus often referred to as "short stay" or "break housing."
Meal plans will NOT be available.

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