Office of the Registrar

Ohio In-State Residency: E6

If you are in (or are a spouse or a dependent of someone in) a community service position...

OBR rules state, "A person who was considered a resident under this rule at the time the person started a community service position as defined under this rule, and his or her spouse and dependents, shall be considered a residents of Ohio while in service and upon completion of service in the community service position."

Note: A community service worker is a volunteer or worker for VISTA, Americorps, City Year, Peace Corps, or any similar program as determined by the Ohio Board of Regents; or an elected or appointed public official for a period of time not exceeding 24 consecutive months. 

Required documentation in addition to that required on the first page of application:

  • An original sworn statement from the community service group or a signed statement on letterhead verifying Ohio home of record for the individual including start and end dates in the program
  • A copy of your Ohio drivers license
  • If the student is the spouse, a copy of the marriage certificate
  • If the student is a dependent on the parent's or legal guardian's tax returns, a copy of the first and signature pages of their federal and Ohio income tax returns proving the student was claimed as a dependent in the most recent tax year

The above is not an all-inclusive list. Provide all documents noted on the Ohio In-State Residency Application for review and include the documentation listed above. Any additional information required to confirm residency status would be requested through your University email account.

Last Updated: 10/27/20