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 As we prepare for the upcoming academic year, the challenges and uncertainty for delivering course content remain in this COVID-19 environment.  The University intends to provide academic courses through a variety of formats, including face-to-face, remote, online and hybrid/blended.   Since unanticipated circumstances at any time could affect the ability to deliver course content in a particular manner, the University reserves the right to modify the delivery method for course content.  Irrespective of the delivery format, tuition and fees shall remain the same for academic courses, consistent with published University tuition and fee schedules.  The University will be providing a full semester of instruction and awarding full academic credit to those who satisfactorily fulfill course requirements.

How to View and Pay on Your Student Account Invoice

  • The student account is viewable via the MyUT portal
  • Students receive bill notification electronically via their University email address ( No paper invoices will be sent. 
  • If parents, grandparents, guardians, etc are assisting with payment, it is the student's responsibility to communicate the balance owed and due dates to these parties.
  • Important dates such as payment due dates can be found Here.
  • Payment is due daily after each posted due date and unpaid accounts may be subject to late fees.
  • The student is receiving the educational services and is the account owner, and is ultimately responsible for all matters regarding the student account.

All fees are billed and payable in U.S. Dollars. Any bank fees for processing foreign payments will be charged back to the student. Payments will be applied to the oldest balance first.

Acceptable Payments

  • The University accepts certified checks, personal checks, money orders, and electronic payment of fees. Mail payments to 2801 West Bancroft St., MS 331, Toledo, Ohio 43606-3328. Please be certain to include your Rocket Number on all checks. Walk-in cashier service is not available.
  • Electronic check payments can be made free of charge via the MyUT portal It is recommended to convert cash to a bank check or money order when using the depository in Rocket Hall.
  • The University accepts credit card payments via a third-party processor. The processor accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit card payments via "Student Self-Service." The processor assesses a convenience fee for credit card transactions. 
  • Scholarships, waiver, loans and third-party payments will apply to designated fees per academic semester. The University can also remove financial aid funds from a student rocket card to cover a past due balance on a student account.

International Student Payments

University of Toledo provides International students with multiple secure and simple payment options.  We have partnered with PayMyTuition and Flywire to offer innovative and streamlined ways to make payments from their home country.  Visit our International Payment Options website.

Rocket Payment Plan

University of Toledo offers a Rocket Payment Plan to help families manage the cost of financing a college education.  The Rocket Payment Plan is not a loan, you will not be assessed interest, only a low enrollment fee each time you elect to enroll. 

The plan allows you to break down your current term educational expenses into easy-to-manage installments, rather than one lump-sum payment.  Payment due dates are specific to the plan and the semester.  It's simple and convenient.  Visit our Rocket Payment Plan website.





Last Updated: 4/22/22